‘Little People, Big World’: Bode Roloff’s Odd Appetizer

Little People, Big World‘s Bode Roloff is a healthy eater, but recently, TLC fans noticed he had a weird appetizer. And when his mom, Audrey Roloff, caught him, she had to take it away.

Little People, Big World: Bode Roloff Wants the Sparkles

Audrey Roloff of LPBW said Bode Roloff is “sweet, squishy, and sneaky” after a recent escape effort from the little guy. Audrey turned her back for a minute while Bode was in the high chair. And when she came back, he had climbed out of the highchair and got up onto the kitchen table.

If being atop a table wasn’t sneaky enough, Bode, Little People, Big World tiny star, got into some crafting supplies. They were making some homemade Valentine’s Day cards and had some glitter out to use. Bode got that glitter and was putting it in his mouth.

Fans who follow Little People, Big World said they weren’t sure how Bode Roloff could think that stuff tasted good. But it didn’t look like he minded the weird taste of the glitter. And Audrey had to quickly take it away from Bode.

Little People, Big World: Bode Roloff

Bode Is Pleased With What He Did

Fans of Little People, Big World laughed and said that Bode Roloff looked pleased with himself. He didn’t pitch a fit or cry when Audrey Roloff took the glitter back from her son. But it seems that his parents need to figure out a more secure location for him.

Bode just turned one-year-old, and Amy Roloff said, “Oh dear. And the fun begins.” Audrey seemed to ask for prayers but also send signals that she loved this time of his life. Having two young kids to chase after can be a lot for the Little People, Big World parents.

One fan said, “How can you ever get mad at that face” when they saw Bode’s adorable smile. Another Little People, Big World fan said, “OMG what a little ham.” More fans said they wanted to see the cards they made when they finish them.

Little People, Big World: Bode Roloff

Little People, Big World: Entertaining Two Young Children

Audrey Roloff didn’t seem to let Little People, Big World star Bode Roloff’s glitter exploration keep her from having fun. In fact, she said she’s become very crafty since the lockdown. She even made garlands and wreaths during the holidays.

Fans say that Audrey and husband Jeremy Roloff do a great job of keeping their kids busy. And that they notice they can’t turn their backs for even a minute, or Bode Roloff or Ember Roloff will get into something. Viewers cheered them on for keeping in such good spirits.

Little People, Big World watchers say they can’t wait to see what they do next. And they hope that Bode Roloff doesn’t make any more escape attempts.

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