‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Locked Memory Technique

Little People, Big World may have lost Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from the reality TV series, but that doesn’t mean we never hear from her. She took to Instagram and wrote a beautiful post about special memories. People enjoyed it so much that some of them believed they really would have to “steal” her idea. It was about taking a special moment and making sure to “lock it in.” The post was about Michigan and the great times on the beaches, and even in the hotel with no WiFi.

‘Lock it in’ is a simple and heartfelt technique Audrey Roloff uses

When Audrey Roloff posted up her “Lock it in” technique, it was immediately clear why she is a writer these days. She paints a picture with her words, making it so easy for everyone to understand what she is trying to express. She sets the scene with, “Already missing our sandy bums, frizzy hair, sitting on the porch of Jer’s grandparent[s] cabin.” Then she mentions, “campfires on Lake Michigan, and even our cheap motel with no wi-fi, cell service, or AC.” Straight up, we know they had a family vacation doing all those summery things at Lake Michigan.

There are a lot of special moments in most people’s lives. But how do we lock them in? Audrey Roloff explained a bit more. “There was something so simple, refreshing, and life-giving about our trip to Michigan. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember after we took this photo I hugged her and said: “lock it in.” It seems the Little People, Big World couple do this so they can treasure the memories over the years.


Little People, Big World star gives great advice

LPBW is so popular as fans get to witness the real-time struggle that little people have trying to make it in the big world. Strength in adversity is so inspirational. But Audrey and Jeremy, who are not little people, also have some inspirational things to share with fans of the show. Audrey explained in her post that the “Lock it In” is what they do. She wrote, that it’s “a phrase we often say to each other to help seal a moment or place in our memory.” Just writing about it is beautiful as well. In fact, she said that just writing about “locking it in” triggers other memories too.

Audry explained, “As i write this I’m having flash backs to all the other “lock it in” moments we’ve shared.” She added, “Each one usually followed by silence and stillness, tuning into all five senses, and thanking God for the grace upon grace He so lavishly gives us.” That is something we can all do: to deliberately take a special moment and remind our loved ones to “lock it in.”

Fan reactions to locked in memories

Fans reacted positively to Audrey’s methods of treasuring the special memories. User dominenicoleI said how much they “love the “lock it in”! Stealing that idea. You have a beautiful family.” User m.journeyhiker, also noted how important it is to “be intentional” when it comes to remembering things. Another person, poshandseddity, followed the same theme about the “lock it in” method. They wrote, “Lock it in. I like that and im gonna use it.”

What do you think of Audrey Roloff’s lovely message and how to lock in memories? Will you try it for yourself? Do you think it will help to keep your best memories bright and fresh in your mind?

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