‘Little People, Big World’ News: Jeremy, Audrey Roloff Reveal They Won’t Be Returning

The fans of Little People, Big World were shocked today to hear the news that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff won’t be returning to the show. They will join Jacob Roloff in his decision to move on from reality television. The second he hit 18-years-old Jacob moved on, but Jeremy and Audrey stuck around a little bit longer.

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Jeremy and Audrey’s big announcement

Jeremy and Audrey shared a big video announcement that shocked fans about the fact that they won’t be returning to Little People, Big World in the future. Jeremy and Audrey made the video themselves for the fans and didn’t hold back. Jeremy explained the show started 14 years ago and when they had their daughter Ember he said that is when they started to really think about things.

Jeremy shared that they have been pursuing their businesses and ministry. He feels like the Lord has spoken to them and wants them to focus on this stuff instead. They are moving on from Little People, Big World and won’t be part of the show anymore.

One big thing that Jeremy shared is that they still support their family and could show up from time to time if an event is going on. He also said they will have an email list and still post on social networks.

Can the show go on?

It will be interesting to see if the show can go on without this couple on the show. So far, Tori and Zach should still be on the reality series. There is always the drama with Amy and Matt Roloff since they split as well. The thing is the fans really want to see the children and of course grandchildren. TLC will have to make a decision on what is best to do with this show.

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