‘Life After Lockup’: Shane Whitlow Tells How To Not Get Sick During Lockdown

Life After Lockup star Shane Whitlow revealed how to stay occupied during the lockdown in a new video. Shane usually spent lockdowns in an open dorm while in prison. But, he still knows what it feels like to be stuck inside for a long period of time. The recent virus pandemic has people spending more time indoors. According to Shane, it is crucial to focus on your mind and as well as your body while on lockdown.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Talks about Reading in Prison

One of the ways Shane Whitlow was able to stay busy while in prison was by reading books. Reading is a very popular pass time while in prison. While in self-isolation it is always a good idea to pick up a book and read. However, reading wasn’t just a way for Shane to pass the time.

The Life After Lockup cast member felt like reading gave him the chance to educate himself. Shane Whitlow said that he “tried to educate myself as much as possible.” There is a lot that can be learned from reading. Books are a good educational tool.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Shane Whitlow - Life After Lockup

We TV Star Keeps Mind and Body in Shape

Shane Whitlow also spent a lot of time working on his fitness. Prison might not have the best gym equipment. But, while on lockdown you tend to get creative and use what you have. Shane said that he “kept myself working out.” He would try “to keep myself in shape.” Although, his body wasn’t the only thing he was keeping in shape.

The Life After Lockup reality star also spent time keeping his mind in shape. Shane Whitlow said that not only was he trying to keep in shape “physically, but mentally as well.” When stuck in solitary confident, someone’s mental health can suffer. It is important to focus on activities that will keep your body and mind busy.

Life After Lockup Celeb Shane Says to Keep Hands Clean

Shane Whitlow offered some advice on dealing with the virus outbreak. He said that the main thing is to wash your hands and keep them clean. Shane also said that people should “try to stay as clean as possible.” He suggested using hand sanitizers. But, only “if you can find some.”

He is aware that “everybody is taking anything” these days.

The Life After Lockup ex-inmate is thinking of everyone during this difficult time. Shane Whitlow said, “my prayers go out to everybody.” He told viewers to “just stay safe and try to stay germ-free.”

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