‘Life After Lockup’: Lacey Shades Marcelino Santiago to Make a Buck?

Life After Lockup‘s Lacey recently went after Marcelino Santiago online. The naughty cam model is currently dealing with her own off-camera drama with hubby Shane Whitlow. But, that didn’t stop her from going after Marcelino. Is she starting a beef online to boost subscriptions to her content? What did she have to say?

Life After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago Doesn’t Want to Get a “Real Job”

Many viewers still talk about what Marcelino Santiago said on the most recent episode. Marcelino Santiago is a professional poker player in Las Vegas. He is essentially gambling to pay the bills. And, while that worked so far, spouse Brittany Santiago wants him to have a more stable source of income. Especially with another baby on the way for the Life after Lockup couple.

Marcelino Santiago doesn’t want a standard job. But, Love After Lockup wife Brittany wants him to “step up to the plate”. At this point in the season, they’re still dealing with legal issues over custody of her son, Giovanni. And, Brittany said lawyer bills are over $30,000. But, Marcelino is of the mind that if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. And, he wants to continue doing what he’s been doing, he says on Life After Lockup. Then Lacey chimed in with her two cents.

Marcelino Santiago - Love After Lockup


LAL: Lacey Throws Shade at Marcelino

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup cast member Lacey shaded Marcelino Santiago while in the process. She called him out for not wanting to get a regular job. Marcelino reacted harshly to Brittany Santiago telling him to get a job.

Marcelino made it seem like it was beneath him. And, he didn’t want to “take orders from a 23-year-old snot nose” as a 41-year-old man. So, Lacey added “LMAO” to the pro poker player and said he “acts like he’s too old to get a job”. Then, Lacey tossed her husband under the bus with Marcelino, as well.

Because, Lacey said that Shane and Marcelino should “hook up” since neither wants a job. However, it’s clear that Marcelino is bringing in cash. Just not in a way his wife wants. Meanwhile, Lacey added that she has fellow Life After Lockup star Brittany’s back on this issue.

Many Love After Lockup fans think Lacey is stirring up drama to raise her profile and get more “cam girl” income.


Life After Lockup: Lacey a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Despite their issues on Life After Lockup, Brittany Dodd and hubby Marcelino Santiago are a fan-favorite couple. Meanwhile, Lacey’s dealing with off-camera issues of her own. Even if some viewers agree with the idea that Marcelino should step up, many feel it’s not Lacey’s place to throw shade at another Love After Lockup couple. Especially with her issues with her husband Shane.

Because, Lacey recently alleged  Shane got rough with her, but didn’t list him by name. Lacey posted pics showing scratch marks and bruises on her body. The pics have since been removed from her account. Meanwhile, she added that she and her other jailbird ex John Slater are “communicating again”.

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