Kate Gosselin Faces Less To Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

Kate Gosselin and her Kate Plus 8 brood face the end of an era as they’ll share their last Thanksgiving turkey in the family home next week. With a sale pending on the home already, there’s not much chance that Kate Gosselin finds herself still there next November.

Along with the sale of the house, this mom of Plus 8 endured a year without a TLC paycheck. Despite putting some money aside from her years on the reality show train, the money she saved is getting low, according to the latest reports.

This famous TV mom faces the family home almost gone, money woes, and the Gosselin tribe still split. But reports say despite it all, the Kate Plus 8 star won’t let anything spoil the holiday.

Kate Gosselin Spends Final Thanksgiving in Family Home

So as the bittersweet Thanksgiving approaches, it looks like only six of the eight Gosselin kids plan to sit around Kate’s table. While reports indicate this isn’t Kate’s ideal picture of their last turkey dinner at the house, she won’t let it put a damper on the festivities.

The latest reports suggest that while Kate Gosselin isn’t broke, she no longer pulls in a paycheck. Apparently, she stashed some of her Kate Plus 8 earnings away and that gets her by while she’s without an income.

Although without a regular salary, things did change. The mom of eight can’t continue to live the lifestyle that she and her Kate Plus 8 kids became accustomed to, according to a close source.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Fragmented Family

Kate Gosselin first made headlines when she gave birth to sextuplets almost 17 years ago. Not long after that TLC gave birth to a hit reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. When Jon Gosselin had enough of life in front of the cameras, he wanted it all to stop.

He said his main concern for walking away from the TLC spotlights was the kids. He wanted them to have a normal childhood. But Jon claims his then-wife had too much fame under her belt at that time and wanted more. So, this started the separate paths for these parents of eight kids.

Kate originally had all eight kids under her roof, the Gosselin sextuplets, as well as their older twin sisters. Eventually, Hannah Gosselin moved in with her dad. Then Collin followed after a couple of years in an institution where Kate reportedly placed him for behavioral problems.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin: Less Money But Not Much Changed

The split in the family remains the same today. Kate Gosselin has four of the sextuplets with her, along with the twins when they’re not at college. Then Hannah and Collin live with Jon. This is where they will have Thanksgiving, with their dad.

This leaves Madelyn and Cara, the Gosselin’s 19-year-old twins, at their mom’s house for Thanksgiving. The four sextuplets who live with Kate will also join her for the holiday. That’s Leah, Joel, Alexis, and Aaden.

The deal is Mom supplies the turkey and the stuffing for this holiday dinner. Now that the kids aren’t really kids anymore, they all chip in. From preparing the side dishes to washing the dirty dishes, the chores get allocated among the Kate Plus 8 kids.

Now that the house is under a pending sale, where Kate Gosselin goes from here is anybody’s guess. Although reports do suggest she’s leaving Pennsylvania.

It seems much like Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin, her followers don’t believe she’s done with her hunt for fame yet. So why not head for the place where stars are born – Hollywood. Some of Kate’s long-time fans believe this is the next stop on her fame-searching journey.

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