‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: Will Snooki Suffer Again In Season 2?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation took Snooki and the rest of the cast away from their families for an entire month while filming this reboot in Florida. It seems the sacrifice of being sequestered in a party house with old friends has paid off in TV ratings.

It’s all in the price of fame for these veteran Jersey Shore buddies as they partake in all the venues a party house has to offer. Despite Jersey Shore Family Vacation being such a success, the format has left a bad taste in Snooki’s mouth.

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The ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Gang Is All Here Except For Maybe…

Now with the second season of the show already filming in a new city, the Jersey Shore castmates are together yet again. But this time around it was almost without Snooki.

Needless to say, Jersey Shore Family Vacation was a success and they have the ratings to prove it. The MTV producers decided even before the first season was done that a second season would be added.

JWoww, Mike The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, and Deena were all on board for the second season. Although, this time around it was Snooki who had some reservations. She didn’t want to be away from her family again for a month’s time.

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‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 2 Without Snooki?

Back in April, Snooki told the producers of the MTV show that she was suffering from some major “mom guilt” after leaving her kids for a month. She wanted the format of the show to change for the next season.  What Snooki had in mind was the filming schedule to become more like Bravo’s Real Housewives series.

Snooki wants three days of filming with the rest of the week off to spend time with their families. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation was created to throw these former heavy-duty partiers together for a month to see what happens. If there was even a smidgeon of left-over drama from their heyday that would be the entertainment value.

Will Partying Hardy Only Part-time Cut It?

It doesn’t sound like Snooki’s very strong suggestions fit within this Jersey Shore Family Vacation format, but you never know. It is not known just what MTV did to accommodate Snooki’s requests. From what Romper suggests, the answer could be nothing.

Whatever happened with Snooki’s requests doesn’t seem to matter because she is back. The producers picked a new city for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2. They didn’t want to bring the cast back to the same place where they filmed season one.

As Romper suggest, “Because it’s not exactly a “vacation” if you’re going to the exact same place where you just spent a month.” If they had stayed in the same place, “at that point, it’s just an extended sublet.”

Fears Emerge Of Over-Indulging During ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola is absent once again for the second season despite all the urging she heard from her former castmates. During the first season, Deena revealed that Ronnie’s infatuation with Sammi was at the root of her absence.

Deena said that Sammi had concerns being around Ronnie again. “She was afraid she was gonna get in the house and he would get drunk and spiral and try and get back with her or something.” She also made it clear that her days on reality TV are forever gone!

Snooki Rides Again With ‘Jersey Shore’ Buddies

So, did Snooki get her requests met and if so is her family on location with her in Vegas? Or did she bend a bit and go back to the same old format for yet another month?

When the cast parted ways in 2012, they were making in the neighborhood of $150,000 per episode. Now that they are reality show icons, Elite suggests “they are probably making more money.”

Maybe Snooki was able to come to terms with another month away from the family. After all, when she returns, she will have them financially set for quite some time with all that dough!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 is already filming but no airtime date has been set yet. The cast got together and started filming the new season in June.

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