Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ Claws Retract as Fortunes are Made

The Real Housewives series from Bravo has spawned a few multimillionaire businesswomen to date after these women have created individual brands for themselves. The housewives come from ‘RHOC,’ RHONY,’ ‘RHOA,’ ‘RHOBH,’ along with other shows across the different cities in this nation used for the settings.

Some of these proud housewives have made fortunes in their own name after they used the Bravo series platform as a launching pad. What have they launched? Everything from alcoholic drinks to adult bedroom toys and many other products, including a toaster that didn’t quite get off the tarmac for flight.

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Drama Fades, Claws Are Gone

It might be hard to imagine anyone of the Real Housewives of Orange County stars sitting at a corporate board table once you’ve seen their claws come out, but you would be surprised what these ladies are capable of. It might go against the grain of what you’ve seen from the Real Housewives of  New York City when you hear how the housewife who has a tendency for posting pics of herself in a bikini, is now a businesswoman worth millions.

From Bikini photos to a fortune, this ‘Real Housewive’ cast member has even made the Forbes List for Riches with the money gathered from her invention.

She’ll Drink to That!

Even if you are not a Real Housewives of New York City fan you’ve probably heard of the “Skinnygirl” brand of cocktails. That was the brainchild of Bethenny Frankel, who coupled her place on the reality show with launching a product that has since sold for over $100 million to the makers of Jim Beam.

It all started with a Margarita cocktail and it blossomed into an overwhelming lucrative line of products under her brand. Forbes has her listed as one of the top wealthiest reality stars.

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Adult Bedroom Toys

Bravo’s Real Housewive shows have spawned a few businesswomen who used the reality show as a launching pad for an idea they had. It seems that a line of adult bedroom toys has launched a successful business for one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

That would be Kandi Burruss, according to Andy Cohen, who is the executive producer for the entire franchise of Real Housewives. When talking with CNBC recently, Cohen described Kandi’s line of self-pleasuring devices as very expensive, but they are selling.

Not An Easy Feat

The first thing Cohen shares about the ladies who used their reality star fame to become successful in product brands is that it is hard. Turning your reality TV fame into a successful business arrangement is not something everyone can do.

The public is “smart,” said Cohen so if you have a good idea that spawns a useful product it can take off like wildfire.  There have been plenty of trials and tribulations endured by these semi-famous ladies across the city’s in which they are housewives when it comes to creating their very own brand. ]

Some have created products to offer to the worldwide market that didn’t make the sales they were hoping for. But others were lucky.

Toaster Didn’t Fly

The Real Housewives cast members have tried to create products that appeal to the masses for some time now, but like the toaster that never got off the ground, many of the ideas just didn’t cut the muster. From the handbags to the novels and back to the shapewear and on to the cannolis, there seem to be more products under the belts of these housewives than you can shake a stick at.

Cohen specifically mentioned a toaster that didn’t quite make the cut, but he failed to mention which of the ladies from the several Real Housewives series conjured up the idea. There’s been clothing, jewelry, skin care products, cookbooks, wine, and sunglasses to name a few. The products that have resonated with the viewers of the show because of the women behind them, said Cohen.

Along with Bethenny’s Skinnygirl products, which started from one Margarita mix, and Kandi’s adult toys, which are sold by consultants at parties, Cohen shared a few more of the successful products by some of the faces from the Real Housewives series. Cohen cited the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member,  Lisa Vanderpump, as being successful with her “signature sangria” along with her “rose wine products.”

The Real Housewives of New York cast member, Ramona Singer’s line of skin care products did really well and the line is due to relaunch very soon. He said these women are “continuing to build their brand.” But it doesn’t happen that way for all the Real Housewives’ famous faces.

Is it luck or determination or a little bit of both? Maybe it has to do with the popularity of the woman herself who is launching the idea?  Whatever the reason, there are a few more millions in the bank accounts belonging to several of the Real Housewives stars today after they successfully marketed their creation to the masses.

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