Is Maxie on GH Pregnant?

Viewers are asking on social media is Maxie on GH pregnant? There seems to be confusion if they’re asking if Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie Jones is pregnant or if the General Hospital character is pregnant. So, let’s clarify the issue as it seems what is on people’s mind is Kirstens weight. Here’s an update on the ABC soap actress and the pregnancy chatter.

Maxie Jones on General Hospital – Pregnant?

To get right to the point – no, GH‘s Maxie Jones is not pregnant. Unless she’s somehow been carrying on a secret relationship that viewers have never seen on screen. Her husband Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) died while she was still pregnant with their son. Her current love interest, Peter August (Wes Ramsey), helped deliver the little kid and is Baby James’ proud uncle.

On General Hospital, Kirsten Storms’ character had no other love connections since she lost Nathan. That was until she recently admitted she had feelings for Peter. However, she and Peter have not been intimate so there is zero chance that Maxie Jones is pregnant. It would have to be an immaculate conception. Although, with its past vampire plots, who’s to say…

Is Kirsten Storms Pregnant?

The question about Maxie being pregnant is more likely trying to discover whether Kirsten Storms the actress is pregnant. Like her GH counterpart Maxie Jones, Kirsten Storms also has a sexy man in her life. She’s been dating musician Elias Reidy for a while now. She was married to Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny Zacchara) for years but they have been divorced for a good bit.

Now, General Hospital‘s Kirsten Storms is dating while also successfully co-parenting with Barash, with whom she maintains a good relationship. In January 2018, Elias Reidy posted his first pic of Kirsten Storms on his Instagram. Since then, he’s been a fixture in her life.

However, there is no chatter of engagement, marriage or pregnancy on either her or Elias’ social channels. Plus, her most recent pic – see below – has her drinking coffee after getting her hair dyed. Neither are recommended while pregnant. So, that’s further confirmation not to expect to see Kirsten with a baby bump. Also see a pic of her boyfriend goofing around with her below.

General Hospital: Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)

GH Actress Weight Gain – A Healthy Change

As for discussion on social media about Kirsten Storms’ weight, this has been ongoing for years. When the General Hospital star was battling crippling depression and anxiety, she lost weight. In fact, she got so thin that she faced constant criticism about her weight with accusations of weight-related health concerns. She was open about her mental health struggle.

Now, the GH actress looks healthy and admits she’s doing great. Yet, once again, there are comments on her weight, now saying she’s gained. When you look at Kirsten Storms’ Instagram, you see a very happy looking young woman at a healthy normal weight. On the show, she looks a bit heavier than she does in her social pics. But that’s about TV cameras adding weight.

General Hospital Costume Department May Need to Rethink

The camera makes actors look heavier. Also, GH costumers tend to put Kirsten Storms in drapey outfits that don’t always flatter. Laura Wright (AKA Carly Corinthos) also gets outfitted in draping materials that make her look bigger than she is. In fact, she’s tall and svelte. So, a better question might be why are they choosing those outfits for the actresses?

To sum it up, General Hospital actress Kirsten Storms is not pregnant – according to all available signs. Also, Maxie Jones is not pregnant on the ABC soap. However, both Kirsten and Maxie seem to be happy, healthy, and in good relationships with men they care about. So congrats to both.

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