‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie and Peter – Can’t Fight That Loving Feeling?

General Hospital spoilers divulge that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storm) must carefully consider what to do with her feelings for Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Meanwhile, Peter seems gets some advice about his personal life.

The duo fought their feelings, but now it looks like their friendly relationship could finally get more passionate. However, as Maxie fights these emotions, she may talk herself out of the romance before it even starts. How long til this love blossoms on the ABC soap?

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Jones Can’t Keep Her Mind Off Peter August

For a long time now, General Hospital spoilers hinted Maxie Jones and Peter August would get romantic. Peter obviously has feelings for Maxie. As for her, she certainly can’t stop the butterflies she’s clearly feeling. He’s been there for her for months, supporting her at every turn.

Now, it appears their relationship soon progresses, according to General Hospital spoilers. Maxie wrestles with her affections for Peter, but may be ready to give in. It would be easier if she didn’t have feelings for him, considering he’s her dead husband’s brother.

Also, Peter gets some much-needed advice from Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on General Hospital. Although he and Anna are still on shaky ground, she might try to give him some love advice. He wants Maxie, but may not think he deserves something that healthy.

GH Spoilers: Maxie Leans on Peter

It’s no surprise that Maxie Jones fights her growing affection for Peter August on General Hospital. Plenty of people around her question her obviously growing affection for Faison’s only son. Despite this, she will continue to seek him out to spend more time together.

He has been there for her so many times on GH, from the death of her husband to the birth of her child, so their bond is growing. However, Maxie still keeps him at arm’s length. She may not want to start a romance for many reasons — but she’s rethinking things.

She still greatly misses Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) and may not want to disrespect his memory in any way. This could be her line of reasoning as she continues to fight the growing emotions for Peter. But on General Hospital, her defenses are crumbling as he patiently waits.

General Hospital: Peter Interested In Maxie

On the other hand, Peter August’s affections for Maxie Jones are clear as day. For months now, his feelings for her have been on clear display. As they get a little closer by the day, he might just win her over. GH fans, however, are a different story.

From the get-go, a faction of General Hospital fans were not shipping the Maxie and Peter August pairing. Some people adored her with Nathan together and don’t want her with anyone else. However, now things may have changed.

More GH fans have come around to the idea of Maxie and Peter, especially because the story progressed at a slow burn. Their chemistry built organically. So, after months of building a true friendship, they have the foundation for love. So, it seems a matter of time before Maxie Jones accepts that Peter August may be the man she wants.

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