‘Intervention’: Dawn Devoted to Drugs or Divinity?

A&E’s Intervention Season 1 introduces us to Dawn. She’s a meth addict, but she’s also a devout Mormon. What events led her to become a drug user?

Intervention’s Dawn Has Mental Illnesses

When Intervention interviewed Dawn’s estranged husband, Chuck, he explains that she was diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder.

“There was a lot of sadness in my childhood,” Dawn’s daughter Susan explains on Intervention. Her other siblings echo Susan’s statement. Her brother, Nathan says their childhood was “traumatic.” They explain growing up with her fluctuating mood swings was difficult. One minute she’s fine, but the next minute she can be extremely emotional.

On Intervention, Susan and her siblings also discussed Dawn’s temper. Nathan mentioned that there were times when she would grab a wooden spoon or anything else to “hit you with” it.

Susan is a heroin addict. When Susan lost everything, she moved back in with her mom. But Susan also has extreme arm injuries from years of doing heroin. Because of her pain, Dawn let her smoke heroin in her house, calling it her “medicine.”

From here, she starts trying meth. But this isn’t the first drug that Dawn took.

Intervention: Dawn

Her Pill-Popping Journey

On Intervention, Dawn’s daughter Jessica explains her mom would take “this anti-depressant and that anti-depressant.” She would try a variety of medications, and none would have any effect. Some didn’t work and maybe others caused her too many side effects.

Adderall is the only medication that Dawn likes. On Intervention, she explains it made her think clearly and gave her energy. However, the siblings also explain the stimulant causes her to behave erratically.

As anyone knows, Adderall is a medication made of the four salts in amphetamine. So it’s no surprise that Dawn ended up switching to drugs.

Intervention: Dawn

Intervention’s Dawn: Devout Christian or Drug Addict?

On Intervention, Dawn explains she “went from 0 to 60,” taking meth after never doing other drugs, drinking, or even smoking cigarettes. She says she got addicted to meth pretty quickly, and her estranged husband Chuck says she has been taking meth for two to three years.

As to why she started doing meth, Dawn says it “made me feel so different.”

Dawn tells Susan, “our Heavenly Father takes something bad and makes something good of it.” While suffering from mental disorders is never a good thing, developing a drug addiction is also not a good way to spend your life.

Did the intervention work on Dawn? Unfortunately, she didn’t accept the intervention. This is a major deal because she’s the biggest enabler, especially since she buys drugs for her kids. And her religion? She believes the Heavenly Father will forgive her.

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