‘Intervention’: Susan Overdoses – Is She Dead?

Intervention star Susan is opening up about her addiction with heroin and opiates. However, a recent update from her brother about her overdosing is leaving many wondering if she’s deceased.

Intervention: Susan Admits Failure

On Intervention, Susan is working on realizing that she’s struggling with her dependency on drugs. While talking about the struggles in her life, she says she grew up in a very strict household. Then, she goes on to reveal that her parents are devout Mormons and the people in the church they attend think their household perfect. However, she believes this opinion of her family couldn’t be further from the truth.

Her relatives talk about how they remember Susan being a hard worker on Intervention. After receiving her license as a CNA, her family talks about an injury that changed the course of Susan’s life forever. They describe how she injures herself after lifting up a patient, which causes her to be unable to continue working in the medical field.

Next, Susan from Intervention confirms she’s no longer following her dreams. She says she struggles with an addiction to heroin for going on three years. But, she’s admitting to using opiates for around seven years. Then, she reveals she’s smoking $100 worth of drugs every day.

Intervention: Susan

Concerns for Sister’s Well-being Grows in Las Vegas

While filming Intervention in Las Vegas, Susan’s siblings talk about how much they’re worried about their sister. At first, Susan talks about how she uses black tar to help her manage her pain. However, her brother describes her as slugging and her eyes being glazed over when she’s high on drugs. Next, her sister says Susan acts like she’s lost and stares “into space” whenever she uses.

On Intervention, Susan’s relatives talk about the infection that she’s got on her arms. They reveal this infection is from her injecting black tar heroine into her arms. But, to prevent an infection from getting worse, she’s now smoking the drug.

Intervention: Susan

Intervention: Is Susan Dead?

Susan from Intervention is scaring her loved ones after she increases her drug usage. Her mother reveals to Susan using black tar three times every day, with eight-hour intervals in between her using. With her using such a large amount of drugs, her siblings worries she isn’t going to make it the next time she decides to use it.

Also, Susan’s brother talks about how his sister overdosed. While interviewing on Intervention, he says he knows Susan’s overdosed a few times. However, she manages to pull through each time she overdoses and continues to use her drug of choice.

Thankfully, she puts in hard work to recover from her addiction. Also, she shares she’s been sober since September 2020.

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