‘Intervention’: Susan Uses Illicit Drugs for Pain Management

Intervention episode star Susan talks about her transition from OxyContin to black tar heroin. She blames an injury she received at the workplace for the reason why she began abusing medication.

Intervention: Susan Reveals Childhood Struggles

On Intervention, Susan opens up about her rough childhood. She goes on to explain how her dad wasn’t around a lot, because of the job he serves. Her brother, Nathan, talks about how the entire family moved to Las Vegas when Susan turned eleven. This is because their dad got a job running at a video game company and started making $300,000 a year.

Due to the long hours their father operated, Susan talks about how mean her mother was to her. She says one of the worst things her mother said to her growing up is Susan would be her prettiest daughter if she lost weight. Also, the Intervention episode star goes on to admit she didn’t feel like her mother liked her.

Then, Susan talks about how she didn’t feel close with her father either. This is because her father would yell when he came home about how messy their house was. Also, he would get upset when asked for help with homework.

So, Susan grew up and started fighting really hard. While chatting about her life on Intervention, she reveals at age 17, she moved out of her parent’s house. She says she became a CNA and really enjoys operating in the medical field. However, she ended up moving back in with her parents because of an injury she sustained at her job while lifting a patient.

Intervention: Susan

Introduction to Drugs

On Intervention, Susan reveals she first started taking OxyContin after her back injury from work. However, she says she’s got a lot of emotional distress from the childhood she grew up with. Then, she realizes the pain killers not only helped her physical discomfort but her emotional strain as well.

However, she admits on Intervention her doctor stopped prescribing her the medication. So, she looks for another opportunity to receive medication. Then, she says she went onto a website and notices somebody telling “black roofing tar.” That’s how Susan began to use heroin.

Intervention: Susan

Intervention: Susan’s Unique Pain Management Strategy

While chatting on Intervention, Susan says she’s using heroin to help her manage her hurt. Not only is she still in emotional and physical pain, but she’s now got a new injury. Her arms became severely infected after she began to inject her drug of choice into her arms. Now, she’s got large patches of flesh on her arms that’s badly infected. She wears bandages on her forearms at all times to keep her wounds from getting infected.

After noticing her infection, she says on Intervention that she’s now smoking heroin. However, she’s still using the narcotic to help her deal with her pain.

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