‘Intervention’ Dawn & Chuck: Fans Outraged by Their Parenting

Intervention just started, and we saw Dawn & Chuck’s controversial parenting strategies that left fans outraged. How did they raise their kids? Could that have anything to do with the addiction that runs in the family?

Intervention: Chuck Is “Very Quick to Anger”

Throughout the first episode of Intervention, heroin addict Susan and her siblings talked about their dad. Susan describes him as “quick to anger.” Nathan says, “he would leave marks on us occasionally” and “you had to stay out of his way when he was upset.”

When comparing Chuck’s parenting to Dawn’s on Intervention, Jessica says “he’s the one who started it” and says he “was a bully every day.”

“My dad caused a lot of anxiety,” Susan says on Intervention.

Even Dawn doesn’t have fond memories. “Every day before he would get home from work, we would clean the house very thoroughly, so when he would walk through the door we wouldn’t have to hear yelling.”

But does Chuck question his parenting? On Intervention, he says, “I wouldn’t say there wasn’t any spanking but we didn’t spank the children any more than the average parent.”

Intervention: Dawn

Dawn’s Parenting: “It Was Very Traumatic, Emotionally, for Us Kids”

On Intervention, Nathan describes Dawn as saying, “[she] would get very emotional very often.” Because of this, Dawn also had questionable parenting habits.

Diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder, she has intense mood swings. “You never knew what her mood would be,” is how Nathan describes her mothering. They hint at physical altercations, saying when Dawn “was mad at you, she would get physical sometimes. She would grab a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, or something to hit you with.”

Jessica also echoes these statements on Intervention. She says she’s “terrified of my mom. She’s so vicious and vindictive. Raging, yelling, and accusing.” Jessica also says she distanced herself from her mom and now she “has nothing to do with her.”

Intervention: Chuck

Intervention: Dawn and Chuck Today

At the time of filming Intervention, we saw how Dawn and Chuck handled their kids’ addiction. Dawn would specifically help Susan with her heroin habits, buying her drugs, giving them to her, and dosing them out. She would do this 3-4 times a day, according to Chuck. Dawn would call it her “medication.” In addition, Dawn bought drugs for the rest of the family.

Chuck and Dawn are separated, but Chuck was still the financial support for the family. He paid their bills, went grocery shopping for them, and helped them sustain themselves in any way they could without giving them money for drugs.

“My dad can’t say no to Susan. He provides everything,” Nathan says on Intervention. “My dad thinks he’s helping Susan [more] than my mom by providing them what they need.”

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