‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Struggles to Pull off Charity Drag Show – Binge Eats to Cope

I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings found herself struggling to pull off the drag charity show. The show is to help her friend Noelle Jaclyn raise funds for her bottom surgery. But, Noelle had a hard time getting on board with the whole idea. To make matters worse, the headliner can’t make it and there is a lack of performers. With the stress of school and the show, she turned to food to help her forget about her problems.

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I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Gets Noelle Jaclyn on Board with Fundraiser

Jazz Jennings came up with the idea of hosting a drag show to raise money for her friend’s bottom surgery. Noelle Jaclyn’s health insurance wasn’t going to cover the cost of her procedure. So, Jazz Jennings thought she would help Noelle raise the money for it. However, her idea of drags performing didn’t sit well with Noelle. She doesn’t like what the concept of drag stands for.

The I Am Jazz cast member had a trick up her sleeve to get Noelle Jaclyn to agree to do the show. Jazz Jennings had her drag superstar friend Peppermint talk to Noelle. Peppermint told Noelle that there are many different reasons why people do drag. It wouldn’t be fair to judge one drag queen based on what another one does. Noelle was able to get a better understanding of the idea of drag. So, she agreed to go ahead with the show.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings

TLC Star Scrambles to Find Performers

Now that Jazz Jennings got the green light from Noelle Jaclyn, she had to seek out performers. She was able to convince her brother Sander Jennings to participate. However, the other men in her family weren’t so willing to join. Her grandpa Jack said he would do it for Noelle. But, her dad Greg Jennings and brother Griffen Jennings didn’t feel comfortable performing in heels and makeup. Greg Jennings did say he would find another way to support the cause.

Luckily, the I Am Jazz reality star was able to secure Peppermint as the headliner. So, she thought. Due to conflicting schedules, Peppermint told Jazz Jennings that she wasn’t going to be able to make the production. This meant that there would be no headliner performer. The stress started to get to the transgender teen and she turned to an old bad habit.

I Am Jazz Celeb Deals with Stress in Unhealthy Way

Jazz Jennings is finding herself in a very stressful situation. She has to deal with graduating high school, having to take admissions tests for college and put on a fundraiser show. Jazz Jennings said that this stress is causing her to have chaotic thoughts. It is also triggering her binge eating habits.

The I Am Jazz alum would use food as a way to escape reality. She also eats to forget about all the problems she is dealing with. But, Jazz Jennings is aware that what she is doing is wrong. She knows better than to make the decision to eat poorly. However, she felt hopeless. It felt like a monster was consuming her.

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