‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Opens up to Family about Overwhelming Stress

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Jazz Jennings opens up to her family about the overwhelming stress she has been feeling. Even though the hard part of picking which college to attend is over, she is still setting high expectations for herself. This leads her to struggle with poor eating habits and anxiety. However, talking to her relatives about how she’s feeling isn’t easy.

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I Am Jazz Spoilers: Increasing Pressure Felt by Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings has made her decision to attend Harvard. Though, that decision was not an easy one for her to make. Ultimately, she didn’t want to disappoint her parents. Jeanette Jennings and her husband Greg Jennings was happy about her choice. But, the idea of going to Harvard may be putting a lot of pressure on the transgender teen. Leading her to deal with increasing stress and anxiety. Did she make the right decision?

I Am Jazz spoilers Jazz Jennings not being her cheerful self. She is dealing with a lot of events and milestones in her life. So, she starts to feel the tension of making everyone proud of her. The TLC reality star says, ” I feel like all eyes are on me.” The pressure of graduating high school, putting on a charity drag show and attending college is starting to become stressful for her.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings

TLC Star’s Mom Notices Stressful Behavior from Daughter

Jazz Jennings’s family has been through many good moments and bad moments with the youngest Jennings. So, they know when something is wrong with her. Her mom, Jeanette Jennings previously said that her daughter was taking on too much. Greg Jennings agreed with his wife. Now it seems like Jeanette and Greg may be right.

I Am Jazz spoilers explain that Jeanette Jennings notices her daughter’s behavior changing. Jeanette says, that everyone has “noticed that Jazz’s stress levels have increased.” She tells her daughter that her “anxiety is the most I’ve ever seen it.” Jeanette explains that the LGBTQ advocate is sometimes “visibly upset, sometimes even crying.” She also knows that she has been binge eating. For Jeanette, it seems like “a cry for help.”

I Am Jazz Celeb Breaks down in Tears

Jazz Jennings is known to push herself to her limits. But, now it looks like she has pushed herself a little too much. She has already gone back to her old habit of overeating eating to deal with her feelings. However, Jazz seems ready to talk about how she has been feeling.

In the clips for the next episode of I Am Jazz spoilers indicate that Jazz Jennings confronts her relatives about what she has been struggling with. Everyone is seen gathering around the Florida teen. She tells them, “I just need to talk to everyone.” She then breaks down crying.

Fans of the show already know that Jazz Jennings puts being a Harvard student on hold. Fans also know that the reasoning was to focus on self-care. She wanted to make sure that she is the best version of herself before starting a new chapter in life. Could this be the moment she tells her family about how she came to that conclusion?

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