‘General Hospital’ Spoilers : Why Won’t Ryan Sleep With Laura?

General Hospital spoilers hint Ryan Chamberlain‘s (Jon Lindstrom) next excuse to avoid hitting the sack with his “wife” Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) is going to have to be pretty darn good to keep her at bay much longer.

Laura returned home to the man she believes is her husband Kevin Collins (also Jon Lindstrom). She expected an extremely warm welcome (maybe even a hot and sexy one), but instead, he’s been stand-offish. Ryan led his twin brother, Kevin, to believe he’s been warming Laura’s bed, but that’s just not so.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ryan Lied to Kevin About Consummation!

Who knows what goes on in the twisted mind of serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. But we can’t help but wonder what makes him so reluctant to bed his twin brother’s wife. We’ve narrowed it down to a list of five possible reasons why Ryan is avoiding hanky-panky with the obviously eager Laura. Check out why Ryan Chamberlain might be keeping it zipped up then vote in the General Hospital viewer’s poll below.

#1 Ryan Chamberlain’s Junk is Different?

General Hospital spoilers don’t tell us, but maybe Ryan Chamberlain isn’t thrilled about hopping into bed with Laura Spencer because he’s packin’ something entirely different than his twin brother. Just because they look the same in clothes doesn’t mean they are identical in their birthday suits. If so, Ryan knows that Laura would notice right off the bat.

Maybe Ryan is significantly more endowed than Kevin and it could shock the heck out of Laura. On the other hand, he may be much smaller. She’ll be wondering what in the world happened to his equipment while she was gone to Paris. Remember Ryan killed his wife Gloria years ago – and she made one too many wisecracks about it.

#2 Does Ryan Have a Strategically Placed Tattoo?

Any identifying marks on Ryan Chamberlain’s body that would make it clear he’s not his twin brother could be problematic. Maybe Ryan has a tattoo we’ve never seen. It could be a tramp stamp on his back or a tattoo down in the nether regions that Kevin surely does not possess.

One look at that and Laura Spencer would know immediately the man in her bed is not the man she married. It would make Laura highly suspicious. She would wonder when in the world he got a tattoo. Ryan may be worried that it will blow his cover if this is the case.

#3 Scarred From The Funhouse Fire?

General Hospital spoilers suggest another very good possibility. Maybe Ryan has severe scarring on his body that we’ve not seen. He’s been buttoned up in a suit and tie most of the times we’ve seen him. The fire that supposedly killed him could have scarred him.

That would be a dead giveaway to Laura that he is, in fact, Ryan Chamberlain. It wouldn’t take Laura long to put it together. Who else looks like Kevin Collins but has burn marks on his body? He can’t afford to take that risk so avoiding getting frisky makes sense.

Don’t forget, Kevin was shot by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) so he has a scar that Laura knows well. If Ryan popped off his shirt and doesn’t have that, it’s a sure sign that’s not her husband in her bed. Scars are important and theirs won’t align!

#4 Is Ryan A Freak in The Sheets?

Everyone knows that Ryan Chamberlain is a psycho and has a troubled past when it comes to women and sex. Perhaps he’s a deviant and can’t pretend to be normal in the bedroom. If so, and he behaved like a weirdo in the bedroom, it could sound alarm bells.

Kevin and Laura had a sweet and loving relationship and great chemistry. It would probably be very hard for Ryan to play act like adoring Kevin especially in an intimate situation. Ryan’s violent tendencies likely make him a violent lover as well and that would give him away.

#5 Ryan Saving Himself For His New Obsession?

Finally, General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan is becoming fascinated with Ava Jerome (Maura West). They have a lot in common and he sees her as a kindred spirit. They have been spending more time together and even chatted at the MetroCourt bar over drinks.

Ryan hasn’t had a woman in over 20 years and he is marveling at Ava more and more each day. He could very well be holding out for someone he can let loose with and that he really wants – rather than his brother’s wife.

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Why do you think Ryan won't sleep with Kevin's wife?


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