‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Hooks Up With Ryan – Her Third Serial Killer Affair?

General Hospital spoilers tease Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) temper sent her to Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) when she was looking for sage advice. Instead of kindly Dr. Kevin Collins, Ava confessed her rage issues to the serial killer twin of the good doc. This will soon lead Ava Jerome down a dark path and new spoilers hint she and Ryan Chamberlain could hook up – making it her third affair with a serial killer.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Jerome – Past Serial Killer Lovers

GH spoilers history shows that Ava Jerome has a terrible track record with men. But more than making unwise choices, she tends to make dangerous ones. Her first serial killer lover was Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Decades ago, she tangled with him back when he was a full-blown killer. That was number one.


Number two was dirty DA Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi). When Paul was neck-deep in his hospital serial killing, he was bedding Ava Jerome. Once she found out, she didn’t confess to the cops like she should have. Ava also never turned in Franco for his misdeeds. Now, she’s poised to fall into bed with a third serial killer based on GH spoilers for next week and beyond.

General Hospital – Ryan Chamberlain Admired Ava

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Ava barged in on Ryan’s day thinking he was Kevin. She detailed for him the terrible rage she feels for Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). Ava said she wanted to do bad things to them, so they would hate her like she hates them. Then she braced herself for judgment and condemnation.

Ava Jerome was stunned when instead of telling her she’s bad, Ryan said the way she described her anger and hatred “was masterful”. Ryan Chamberlain also seemed fascinated when Ava described her recurring visions of grown-up Avery seeing her mother as horrible and scarred. It could be that he sees a kindred spirit in her. She’s another violent, tortured person like him.

What’s Ahead for Ava Jerome & Ryan Chamberlain?

A credible General Hospital spoilers leak says that Ryan Chamberlain murders Kiki Jerome. It could be that he does this as some gruesome gesture of affection for Ava. Ryan is pure evil and might take what she is saying literally. If he’s falling for her (as so many men have done), he might see this as a twisted act of affection, like when your cat kills a bird and brings it to you.

If you don’t know Ryan’s history, it’s awful. He was molested by his mother whom he eventually killed. That means he’s got a very sick interpretation of what a mother-child relationship looks like. Ava Jerome too has twisted parental issues because she slept with Kiki’s boyfriends and vice versa. Theirs is also a warped mother-child situation that Ryan might find tempting.


Ava and Ryan – Port Charles Serial Killer Supercouple?

General Hospital spoilers for October 16 promise that Ava Jerome finds a new drinking buddy. No doubt it will be Ryan Chamberlain. With a little alcohol to loosen them up, there’s no telling what might happen. Now that Kiki and Griffin are actively coupling, Ava will be further enraged. Her ego is wounded and if Ryan crooks his finger, she’d fall into bed with him.

Ryan might even think Ava is the perfect partner for him. He may assume by her raging attitude that she might kill with him, but she’s not nearly as dark as Ryan, even on her worst days. Ava could be his unwilling accomplice as she did with Paul. Her choice to blackmail Paul instead of turning him in led to more deaths. What do you think? Are Ava Jerome and Ryan Chamberlain a murderous match?

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