‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Which Franco Is Your Fave – Loving Stepdad or Sexy SEAL?

General Hospital spoilers wonder which Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) fans will prefer. The quirky former serial killer or the hunky military man? No doubt, many viewers now love and accept family man Franco that is (or was) head over heels for Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). However, this new military man Franco comes with an intriguing bad-boy vibe that may be interesting on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dark And Evil Franco Baldwin

GH spoilers recall Franco Baldwin’s past is a dark and scary place. Surely, his childhood was fairly normal until Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) came into the picture as Betsy Frank’s (Deborah Strang) boyfriend. Sadly, he sexually abused Franco as a child – and also targeted Drew Cain (Billy Miller), but Franco protected his foster brother. Certainly, he shut down the memories, but they were always inside him as a source of torment.

Then, of course, we can’t forget his reign of terror as a serial killer artist with an obsession with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Of course, it came to light that a brain tumor was to blame for his psychotic acts. However, he hurt many people that can’t forgive or forget. Although, plenty of people now accept that Franco is a different man. Surely, he proves it time and time again with selfless acts of kindness, reminds General Hospital spoilers.

Even then, Ava Jerome (Maura West) was into him – some women like bad, bad boys.

GH Spoilers: The Franco Baldwin We Love

General Hospital spoilers promise the more recent Franco Baldwin is a far cry from the violent killer he was in his tortured past. Now, he is a loving family man who accepts Elizabeth’s three boys as his own. Certainly, his new wife and step-children mean the world to him. Additionally, he is making a name for himself at the hospital as an art therapist. Besides that, he even has a strong relationship with Drew and meaningful friendships with lots of other people in town.

Remember, Drew originally couldn’t stand Franco because Jason Morgan’s memories are in his head. So, he knows first hand the man Franco was. However, after taking down Jim Harvey and finding out Franco was there for him as a child, then Drew gained a different point of view. Surely, they now have a strong friendship and even a brotherly bond. Certainly, many people love Franco and are torn apart that he seems to be gone, say GH spoilers.

This improved Franco Baldwin attracted Nina Reeves (then Michelle Stafford) and then got Liz Webber to fall for him.

Navy Seal Drew-Franco – AKA Dranco – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers report Franco Baldwin now believes he is Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain. In fact, he believes it so strongly that he is getting quite angry that everyone is calling him Franco. Of course, it’s completely understandable. No doubt, “Dranco” (Drew + Franco) is upset and probably a little scared. Although, his military background won’t allow him to show it. However, get him around Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) and he’s a charismatic charmer with a mild southern drawl.

Certainly, he is very much in love with Kim. Also, the lady doc is the only familiar thing in his life right now. So, she’s certainly a great comfort to him. No doubt, her presence softens him right up and he goes from angry to love struck. Certainly, fans must be a little curious about their romance all those years ago, say General Hospital spoilers. Plus, she swooned there for a moment – as did many viewers as Dranco turned on the sexy.

Which Franco Baldwin Is A Better Fit On GH?

General Hospital spoilers know Friz fans are certainly unhappy that the funny and eccentric Franco Baldwin is gone. However, some folks may find Dranco to be a breath of fresh air. Additionally, it’s nice to finally get a glimpse at Andrew Cain was before his memories were erased. Roger Howarth said in a recent interview that he loves the challenge of creating this new character and is enjoying it.

But he also said he would like it if this new fellow fall back in love with Elizabeth somehow. So, while the original Franco is now a fan favorite, this new personality may be just what the sudser needs. Watch ABC daytime to see Franco Baldwin as Andrew Cain and see if Elizabeth will get her husband back or if Dranco sweeps Kim Nero off her feet instead. Vote in the Soap Dirt poll below and tell us which Franco you want to see on GH.

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