‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Archer’s Comeback – Will He Redeem or Stay a Villain?

General Hospital spoilers hint we haven’t seen the last of Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). But, will he come back a villain or a changed man? Surely, he affected just about everyone in Port Charles and is the town’s most-hated man. However, many others have done horrible things in the past, redeemed, and are now fan faves. So, Shiloh may end up a good guy as well on GH. Or, he may come back more evil than ever and ruin lives on the ABC drama. And yes, he seems dead now – but the sudser rarely kills great villains. They just keep resurrecting them – and that could be Shiloh Archer’s fate as well.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer Hated By All

GH spoilers know Shiloh Archer is the town pariah that just about everyone hates and with good reason. Remember, he ran the organization Dawn of Day which he used to blackmail and extort his members. Plus, he coerced most of the female members into having sex with him. If that wasn’t enough, it came to light that he got into shady and illegal dealings in Afghanistan. Plus, he personally delivered Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers).

Then, possibly the worst of all, he abducted poor Cameron Webber (William Lipton) on General Hospital. He was ready to put Drew’s memories into his brain. Thankfully, he was saved but Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) fell victim to the DoD madman. Now, it looks like he’s in cahoots with Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) which means things only get worse. Remember, spoilers suggest Nelle and Shiloh Archer tied the knot so they can get their hands on some of the Quartermaine cash, hint General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Shiloh Archer In Hiding – Teaming Up With Nelle?

General Hospital spoilers predict Shiloh Archer and Nelle Hayes have a plan to get rich. Remember, Nelle told Shiloh there’s a way they can help each other get what they want. Of course, Nelle feels the Quartermaines owe her and wants a piece of the pie. Plus, Shiloh is sitting on ELQ shares worth a boatload of money. So, it seems they got married behind bars so they could cash in on the Q fortune.

Also, Shiloh Archer wants baby Wiley who he thinks is his. And Nelle said she could help with that. No doubt, pairing him up with the other town pariah makes him even more hatable. Now, Nelle’s true motive is to get her son back and she might share him with Shiloh to do it. Surely, she doesn’t need to tell him the truth, she can just play step-mommy. So, if she can get her son back and get rich as well it’s a win-win, say General Hospital spoilers.

On top of that, with everyone thinking Shiloh is dead, no one will be looking for a family of three. Certainly, they’ll be hunting for a woman in the run with a little bit. So, that would be a perfect chance for them both to get what they’re after. However, the soap may go a different route and try to turn Shiloh Archer good. No doubt, it would be hard to redeem him but not impossible, promise General Hospital spoilers.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin Character – Remains A Villain – Or Redemption Ahead On General Hospital?

GH spoilers recall when Coby Ryan McLaughlin joined the sudser he was on a three-year contract. Now, shady Shiloh Archer has been on the canvas for about a year. So, that means there’s still roughly two years of drama left to unfold. Of course, something may change behind the scenes but there’s a good chance he will make a return. Certainly, dead is never dead on soaps and he’s too good a villain to let go. However, if he sticks around he might make a shift from bad guy to good guy. Remember, it seems Shiloh had PTSD from his time in Afghanistan.

Certainly, that could be a justifiable reason for his evil doings on General Hospital. Additionally, his bad relationship with his father could be a reason as well. Maybe, he regrets killing his father and the guilt is driving him mad. Besides his mental state, there could be a physical problem causing his actions. Of course, it would be simple to flip the script and put him on the road to redemption. Keep watching GH to see if Shiloh Archer will come back to the ABC sudser and continue to wreak havoc or turn over a new leaf.

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