‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle And Not Dead Shiloh Con Qs – Snatch the Cash and Baby Wiley?

General Hospital spoilers confirm Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) and Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) tied the knot in Pentonville. No doubt, they were scheming to get the two things they want most – money and Wiley. Surely, Nelle thinks she can get a small fortune out of Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Additionally, they both want baby Wiley. This way, if they get the cash they can snatch him and run because Nelle might accept Shiloh playing daddy to her kid on ABC’s GH. And although Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s off the show, there may be more scenes to come – or we might learn more with name drops rather than in-person appearances.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer Obsessive Over Wiley And Fortune – Not so Dead?

GH spoilers recall Shiloh Archer was always looking for his next big payoff. Remember, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) robbed him of his trust fund when she swindled his father out of a small fortune years ago. Ever since, he’s been trying to get rich. First, selling stolen fuel on the black market in Afghanistan. Then, the shady group Dawn of Day for extortion and horrible things women – among other things on General Hospital.

Also, Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) left Shiloh Archer his shares of ELQ which is a pretty penny. Then, Nelle Hayes said that the Quartermaines owe her as well and there’s a way for them to both get what they want. No doubt, Nelle Hayes’ motive was to marry so when they both cashed in on the Q fortune they would be filthy rich. Then, with everyone thinking Shiloh Archer is dead, he and Nelle Hayes can grab Wiley and take off, hint General Hospital spoilers. And with nurses and cops on DoD payroll, it would have been easy enough to fake his death.

GH Spoilers: Nelle Hayes Wants To Ruin Michael And Get Wiley Back

General Hospital spoilers know Nelle Hayes still wants to hurt Michael and his family. No doubt, she married Shiloh Archer in prison so they could combine strengths. Now, everyone thinks Shiloh is dead – so that makes her his widow. So, she could make a play for the bequest Oscar left Shiloh. Or, they may pay her off to go away and drop it. Either way, Nelle’s plotting to make bank from marrying Shiloh Archer before he was declared DOA at General Hospital.

Surely, no one but Nelle Hayes has to know he’s alive. That way no one will look for him. While Nelle’s distracting the Qs with cash demands, not-so-dead Shiloh can grab Wiley from his two dads. And Nelle Hayes doesn’t need to tell Shiloh Archer that Wiley is Jonah. No doubt, she will be happy playing “stepmom” to Wiley. As long as she can be with her son, in any capacity, that’s better than Michael and his family clan raising her son, promise General Hospital spoilers.

Martin Gray Is Nelle’s Only Hope On General Hospital

GH spoilers promise Nelle Hayes thinks her plan is set up perfectly. However, she can’t do anything behind bars. So, she needs to get out asap. No doubt, that’s where powerhouse attorney Martin Gray (Michael E Knight) comes into play. Remember, he tried to get her out on parole once with no luck. However, now there is something in it for him and that gives him more incentive.

Remember, General Hospital say Nelle promised Martin that if he will get her out there, will be a substantial reward for him.Of course, Nelle’s word means nothing but Martin doesn’t know that and seems to take the bait. Although, it looks like he is also working for Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) as well. Remember, they spoke after Martin’s visit with Nelle Hayes.

And as for Shiloh Archer’s “death”, remember this. It’s rare that the ABC soap abruptly kills off a good villain. The Cassadines come back from the dead time and again. As does Faison and other dark souls. So, when it comes to this plot, Shiloh Archer may be in hiding waiting for Nelle Hayes to make the next move in her master plan. But will the duo of villains succeed? Wait and see what’s next.

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