‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert Sabotages Anna And Finn [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers new promo video shows Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) can’t seem to keep himself out of Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) relationship. Robert only wants Anna to be happy and pushed Finn to make a grand gesture that would strengthen their relationship. However, when he learned Finn planned to propose to Anna, something seemed to shift.

Certainly, he loves giving Finn a hard time, but it may go deeper than that. Robert Scorpio might still have strong feelings for Anna that he just can’t shake. The video below shows Robert barging in on “Fanna” during a tender moment. Also, Robert has Finn’s engagement ring and isn’t in a rush to get it back to him. So, he may cause big problems for Finn and his plans for the future with Anna, predict GH spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Scorpio And Anna Devane’s Long History

GH spoilers know Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio have a long and complicated past. Certainly, their history is full of drama, betrayal, and pain. Anna hurt Robert deeply and he struggled for a long time to get over her. However, over the years they managed to reconcile and become good friends. Certainly, he gets on Anna’s last nerve, but deep down he only wants what’s best for her.

Robert seemed to be okay with her relationship with Hamilton Finn at first. The two men even seem to get along judging from their endlessly good natured banter. But, now Robert seems to be struggling with old feelings for his ex-wife and baby mama. Certainly, this may cause trouble for the happy couple say General Hospital spoilers. Given that Anna Devane is questioning everything about her past, it’s an interesting time for Robert Scorpio to be back in her path.

GH Spoilers: Anna And Hamilton Finn Getting Stronger

General Hospital spoilers recall Anna Devane and boyfriend Hamilton Finn overcame many obstacles to be together. Of course, their relationship was just an act at first. Remember, she blackmailed Finn into helping her take down Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck). However, it didn’t take long for their fake romance to turn into real feelings. Certainly, they both have a lot of baggage and were fighting their feelings for each other.

Also, Anna feared that her work for the WSB would put Finn in danger. So, she pushed him away for a long time. Then, during the memory transfer fiasco, she seemed to be self-sabotaging as if she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Finally, they are in a wonderful place and Hamilton Finn is ready to take the next step to prove his commitment. However, it looks like Robert Scorpio isn’t ready to let that happen tease GH spoilers.

Robert Still In Love With Anna on General Hospital?

General Hospital spoilers hint Robert Scorpio may very well still be in love with Anna Devane. Of course, they have a deep connection due to their past. Also, Robert doesn’t think anyone is good enough for her. So, he never misses a chance to give Hamilton Finn a hard time.

Robert seemed to be on board with their relationship until recently. Seeing that engagement ring may have triggered him to realize he’s not ready to give Anna up. In fact, Robert still has the ring and seems to be dragging his feet getting it back to Finn. Additionally, GH spoilers hint he loses the ring altogether. Certainly, this would derail Hamilton Finn’s plans for the future, say General Hospital spoilers.

Robert Sabotaging Fanna – GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers suggest Robert Scorpio may try to sabotage Finn and Anna’s relationship though it may not be intentional. Losing the ring might have been a Freudian slip of sorts. After all, no ring means no proposal, right? Certainly, Robert would not want to hurt Anna but he may not be ready to see her marry another man.

Surely, seeing how serious Anna and Finn are getting, it could be a reality check for Robert Scorpio. He may realize that if he wants a shot at getting Anna back he’d better act fast. Watch ABC weekdays to see how far Robert will go to get in between Anna Devane and Hamilton Finn on GH.

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