‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert Grills Finn – Corners Him on Proposal

General Hospital spoilers reveal Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) questions Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) soon. This could mean that Robert learns that Finn plans to propose to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). When he hears this news, he may stop giving Finn a hard time, especially as he knows that Anna is struggling at the moment on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Interrogates Hamilton Finn

GH spoilers show Robert Scorpio and Hamilton Finn continue to get along. Anna Devane’s romance with her ex was so long ago that it’s ancient history. Although, the two managed to stay good friends. While he respects Finn’s relationship with Anna, Robert is not scared to question him or set him straight, as we’ve seen.

And it looks like this is exactly what Robert does in the near future. Soon, he ends up questioning Finn, according to new General Hospital spoilers. This could have something to do with the proposal that Hamilton Finn has been trying to accomplish. The WSB boss would like to see his ex-wife happy after all, so he certainly won’t stand in the way.

Plus, Anna is obsessed now questioning whether Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) is really her daughter. While Robert has put her in her place and told her that she’s crazy if she believes this, Finn has somewhat gone along with her theory. This could end up annoying Robert. Either way, Robert has a daughter, but Anna can’t let go of the notion her twin might be Robin’s bio-mom.

GH Spoilers: Hamilton Finn Wants to Propose

For about a week now, Hamilton Finn has been mentally preparing himself to as Anna Devane to marry him on General Hospital. Spoilers show things keep getting in the way. Robert Scorpio himself even ruined his chance to propose at one point.

Now that Anna’s having a mini breakdown over this latest twin memory twist, it might not be the best time for Finn to propose. However, he still might do it. He loves Anna and wants to take their relationship to the next level.

If Robert learns about the ring and planned proposal, more than likely, he’ll end up giving him his blessing, for whatever that’s worth to Finn. The two men seem to like each other and both care about Anna, so that’s as good as it gets for GH spoilers.

General Hospital: Anna Continues Freaking Out

GH spoilers predict Anna Devane won’t get this conspiracy out of her head, regardless of what Robert Scorpio tells her. Robert is certain that she is Robin’s mother, even if Anna isn’t. He doesn’t think that this line of questioning is good for her to go down and may continue to try to change her mind.

This could be another reason why Robert questions Anna’s boyfriend on General Hospital. While Hamilton Finn has said in the past that he doesn’t believe her awful twin birthed her daughter. But he also admits it could be possible. Robert Scorpio might not like this.

Her ex wants Anna to stop considering this idea, and told her so. So, he might want Finn to take his side and could be annoyed if he doesn’t. Robert Scorpio supports Anna’s relationship and even told Finn so. But these spoilers show the ex-husband has a reason to grill the future husband soon on the ABC sudser.

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