‘General Hospital’ News: Tristan Rogers Back On GH As Robert Scorpio!

General Hospital star Tristan Rogers is back on set as Robert Scorpio and filming new scenes. The last time Robert was seen on the show was in August 2018 when he helped Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). So now, we have to wonder what brings Robert Scorpio back to GH. No doubt it’s tied to Anna’s latest trouble.

General Hospital News: Tristan Rogers Returns as Robert Scorpio

Tristan Rogers is returning to General Hospital again. Tristan Rogers, a longtime cast member of the show that comes and goes, first appeared on GH in December 1980. Of course, Robert Scorpio was a very beloved character, so fans were quite upset when he was killed off in 1992. However, as all soap fans know, death isn’t permanent in Port Charles (or on any daytime drama).

Robert reappeared a little later as a spirit, but finally returned alive in 2006. As his body was never found back in the 90s, his return was easily accepted. Tristan Rogers has returned to General Hospital quite often in the last few years. Fans always love to see Robert Scorpio back in Port Charles, so this latest return is sure to be welcome.

General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Helps Anna Devane During Her Illness

Why is Robert heading back to Port Charles this time around? The last time he was seen was in August last year, when he helped out Anna, Finn, and Chase deal with Cassandra Pierce’s (Jessica Tuck) return. So is it Anna’s predicament that brings him back again? Turns out, his comeback is very much involved with Anna’s latest problem.

As General Hospital spoilers say, Anna learned what caused her to go blind and require surgery. It was a virus so she wonders if someone knowingly did this to her. So then Robert becomes involved with her mysterious problem. He first appears during the week of January 28, right after Anna learns more about her illness. Could he help her out — or does he know more than he’s letting on?

GH Spoilers: Trouble Ahead for Anna

At the moment, Anna still waits in the hospital for more information about the virus that almost caused her to lose her sight permanently. She very luckily regained her vision, but only after surgery. As this is a virus that they are dealing with, Anna may not be in the clear just yet.

Luckily, Anna has Finn by her side. While he can offer support to his love Anna, he also offers medical assistance. As he is an infectious disease specialist, Anna’s latest problem is right up his alley. But will he find out how to combat this virus before it harms Anna further?

General Hospital: Bigger Picture to Anna’s Sickness

Recent General Hospital spoilers indicate Anna’s sickness slowly becomes a much bigger deal. While originally it looked like the virus only affected her, the problem might be larger in scope than just Anna Devane. There’s a bigger picture to be discovered and that’s where Robert Scorpio is needed.

They must learn the truth about this virus. Plus, there’s always the possibility it will spread and could affect others. It looks like no one is in the clear with this latest situation on General Hospital. The virus could infect anyone. Now that the British spy is back to Port Charles, no doubt he and Anna will get to the bottom of things. Watch at the end of the month to see Tristan Rogers back as Robert Scorpio on GH!

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