‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert Kept a Huge Secret From Anna

General Hospital spoilers say Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) confesses to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) that he kept a secret. Obviously, in the state that Anna has been in lately, she’ll probably freak out. If this secret has anything to do with their past, particularly their shared past with Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), then Anna’s not going to handle it well on GH on ABC.

General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Comes Clean to Anna Devane

Anna Devane’s not in the clear yet, according to new GH spoilers. After learning that her twin sister lied about their memories, Anna worried that Alex was keeping a huge secret from her. This led her down a rabbit hole of paranoia thinking Alex might be Robin’s biological mother.

Of course, when Robert Scorpio learned that his ex was falling into a despair spiral, he tried to shut it down. Now, however, General Hospital spoilers confirm Robert confesses to Anna that he kept something from her. He may know more about her fears, and have his own worries, than he initially let on.

More than likely, Robert Scorpio still believes that Anna is Robin’s mother. However, he may know something about the past she doesn’t remember — or that she never lived. As Anna seeks to uncover which memories are hers and which are her twin sister’s, Robert’s reveal may shock her.

GH Spoilers: Anna Seeks the Truth

All Anna Devane wants to know is the truth on General Hospital. Spoilers indicate she’s been chasing the truth since the twin virus struck her blind. The conspiracy has become much bigger since the beginning, and now she worries her memories aren’t her own, as she told Robert Scorpio recently.

Her deepest fear is that Robin isn’t really her daughter. However, she confessed to future fiance Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) that it wouldn’t change anything. She would still love Robin as if she was her own daughter. Either way, it seems Robert Scorpio is the dad.

That hasn’t stopped Anna Devane from trying to dig up the truth, though. Previously on GH, spoilers had Robert Scorpio trying to calm her while she ranted about Robin. Once he reveals this new information, this may ramp up her search even more. Anna doesn’t need any more baby mama drama.

General Hospital: Finn Supports His Love

Hamilton Finn has been by his love’s side from the get-go, and it looks like he’ll continue to be. However, recent GH spoilers revealed Finn and Robert Scorpio have a possibly tense moment. Robert ends up questioning Finn.

This line of questioning from Robert could revolve around Finn’s plan to propose to Anna Devane on General Hospital. Spoilers tease the man-to-man chat may be about Finn indulging Anna’s talk about Robin’s parentage. While Finn admits she has no proof of this theory, he admits it’s possible.

But this latest reveal from Robert could set her off again. It could be that he slept with her twin Alex – or suspects he might have been tricked into her bed. If so, then Anna Devan’s theory will have support. Keep watching ABC daytime to see the next twist in this story.

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