‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Nero Leaves Video Will – Reveals Plans for Loved Ones

General Hospital spoilers hint Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) made thoughtful plans for those he left behind. Today, the ghosts of Edward and Lila Quartermaine ushered the teen out of this world. Although everyone knew his death was coming, it was still rough to watch. Plus, the big tear-jerker scenes won’t happen until Thursday when Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy), Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) find out he passed away. But Oscar hatched secret plans while his end was nearing that stun his loved ones.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Nero’s Busy Final Days

Oscar Nero was busily in motion despite being stuck in a wheelchair in his last days. GH spoilers say that he knows his parents, Josslyn, and the Qs would be grieving and crushed when he died. But he didn’t want that for them it seems. Instead, he wants to be fondly remembered and for them to let him go and be at peace.

To that end, it seems he involved Cameron Spencer (William Lipton) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). General Hospital spoilers tease both of them were helping Oscar Nero make final plans to unfold after he died. There was a little glimpse of this earlier when Oscar asked Cameron to help him make a video message for Josslyn. But there’s more.

GH Spoilers: Message From Beyond the Grave

General Hospital spoilers say that May sweeps will continue to be sad ones for those in Oscar Nero’s life. They have to lay him to rest and that means a funeral. Those are always sad events in Port Charles, but this one is harder than most since it’s a teenager. Once the memorial service closes, his last message will play.

They made a big deal out of Oscar asking his Uncle Jason to be his executor. So, it might be Jason that is the one to reveal Oscar’s final wish. GH spoilers say his last words and wishes reveal on May 13. Although some are already known to his family because he spoke up before he died.

General Hospital: Family and Friends Touched by Oscar’s Message

GH spoilers for Monday after next reveal Oscar Nero planned a full day of things for his loved ones to do. In his final vision, he had just as he died, Oscar and Josslyn talked about the bucket list they had. So, it could be that some items from that journal of activities make it onto the roster. His final plan stuns Kim Nero and others.

Other General Hospital spoilers tell us Cameron will be the one to help make sure they carry out his wishes. New info says the teen rises to the occasion to make sure Oscar’s final request is honored. Among the messages that Oscar Nero left behind is yet another appeal for Drew and Jason to bury the hatchet and be real brothers.

So, expect more tears for Oscar Nero. The sad memorial comes soon and then his last wishes are made known on the ABC soap.

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