‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Finds Out What His Future Holds

General Hospital spoilers report Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) test results are in and he will learn whether his death is inevitable and how long he has. Since finding out he was terminal, it has been a long and devastating road for Oscar and his loved ones. The teen needed time to be angry, process, try to gain control and then come to terms with his illness.

Having done that, Oscar is now fighting for his life and spending the time has left making wonderful memories with those close to him. This week, Dr Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) has news for him and his family. Has there been any improvement in his condition or will Oscar lose his battle with cancer and tragically die on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Nero Blindsided

On GH, Oscar Nero thought he was a normal teenager with his whole life ahead of him. Then, he got a bombshell dropped on him. Cameron Webber (William Lipton), of all people, was the one to reveal his illness. Of course, he didn’t believe it.

Further, he learned that his mom Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) had known and kept it secret from him for years. Besides that, she convinced Oscar’s newfound father Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to go along with keeping the secret. Though that didn’t last on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Oscar Walked Away From Everyone

General Hospital spoilers recall that Oscar Nero was livid when his mother confirmed that he had an inoperable brain tumor. Additionally, he was incredibly angry that she had lied about it for so long. At first, Oscar gave in to his anger and pulled away from everyone. Then, he took matters into his own hands and refused treatment.

He dumped his girlfriend Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and pursued a legal emancipation from his parents. Then he got a job, lawyer, place to live, and proved he could do it on his own. However, when Joss finally found out about Oscar’s cancer, she broke down his walls and convinced him to get treatment for her sake.

General Hospital: Oscar Fights For His Life

After reuniting with Josslyn Jacks on GH, Oscar Nero finally admitted that he needed love and support of his parents and girlfriend. More importantly, he accepted that he should do everything possible to beat his illness. So, he agreed to the clinical trial but told his mom Kim Nero he was not doing this for her.

He also pushed back and refused to move back home. Oscar was still harboring anger and resentment towards Kim for keeping his illness from him. However, after his stay at General Hospital, his anger subsided and he finally forgave his mom. Now, he is back home and in school, trying to live like a regular teen for as long as possible.

GH: Joss And Oscar Live Life To The Fullest

General Hospital spoilers say Oscar Nero has done everything he can to turn his health around. After learning the clinical trial failed, he decided to make the most of the time he has left. He mended his relationships with his parents, Josslyn, and even Cameron Webber.

Currently, the teen is focusing on enjoying his life – as much as he has left. He has grown and matured immensely over the last several months. But now, the prognosis is in, and he, his parents, and fans will learn if he has a future on GH or not. Stay tuned to ABC weekdays to find out what fate awaits Oscar Nero.

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