‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Death Confirmed – Joss Comforted as Jax Returns

General Hospital spoilers confirm Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) dies during May sweeps, leaving Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) devastated. In fact, this will affect her for many months to come. Her family rallies around her as she deals with this latest shocking heartbreak. The only upside is that her dad Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) shows up in support. The latest info shows an Oscar-centric episode on Wednesday on GH on ABC and that the teen might die as soon as next week.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Nero Dies at Last

The end is near for Oscar Nero on GH. Spoilers show that his struggle is finally at an end. For a while now, he’s known that he would die because of the brain tumor. However, he, Josslyn Jacks, and his family hoped there could be a miracle for him somewhere out there. Now, it looks like there are no miracles for Oscar. He ends up passing away, something Josslyn has to deal with.

Obviously, Oscar Nero’s passing devastates Josslyn Jacks. She doesn’t know how she can mourn her first love, nor does she want to. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be a long journey for her. She needs all the help and support she can get, and Joss’ close-knit family rallies around her during this awful time. As fans saw this week, already Oscar Nero looks in bad shape and seems to be ready to pass.

GH Spoilers: Jax Returns For Josslyn Jacks

Luckily for Josslyn Jacks, her father returns to Port Charles soon on General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Jasper Jacks’ return date is May 7. Jax comes to town after Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) calls him, knowing that their daughter needs support during this time. However, Jax also sticks around a while. This should only be good news for Josslyn. She has her father around more consistently now as she grieves Oscar Nero’s loss. Carly knew exactly what Josslyn needed.

As GH spoilers say Josslyn struggles for months after his death, Jax will be there every step of the way to help his daughter. However, Josslyn may lash out at her family and friends, much like she has somewhat already. While she needs her father and mother, she could end up pushing both of them away. Of course, this isn’t Josslyn’s first go-round with personal loss. Remember it was just a few years ago that big brother Morgan Corinthos died tragically.

General Hospital: No Miracle For Oscar Nero

The end is inevitable for Oscar Nero say GH spoilers. While Josslyn Jacks tries to figure out life without Oscar in it, so do his parents and his friends. His dying wish was for his dad and uncle to reconcile, so they’ll be left to sit with that. Everyone is greatly affected by this loss. The Quartermaines and dad Drew Cain (Billy Miller) barely got to know him since his reveal. Kindly, his parents are letting Josslyn Jacks soak up most of his final hours – as their son wants.

There’s one possible silver lining to Oscar Nero’s death on General Hospital. Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) desperately needs a new kidney. Previous spoilers hinted Jordan could receive one of Oscar’s kidneys once he dies. That might be some consolation to his family – that he did good on his way out of this world. Of course, Josslyn Jacks may understand better than anyone since she’s living with a donor organ in her body. Prepare to say goodbye to Oscar Nero soon as May sweeps is here.

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