‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Joss Chooses Oscar – Cameron Buys Drugs?

General Hospital spoilers applaud Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) for standing by her man, Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt), through his health crisis. However, GH teen Cameron Webber (William Lipton) appears to have strong feelings for Joss. Therefore, he may not be able to let her go so easily. As a result, Cam may turn to drugs to ease his broken heart.

General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn Jacks Friend Zones Cameron Webber

Over the past two months, GH fans witnessed Cam and Joss scam Oscar into believing that they were a couple. This ploy included hugs, kisses, handholding, walks through the park and lots and lots of selfies. Although seeming more and more real, it was Joss’ plan to win Oscar back on General Hospital.

What Joss didn’t know at the time is that Oscar Nero broke up with her as an act of kindness. He wanted to shield her from the devastating news of his illness. However, Cam was unable to carry the burden of Oscar’s secret diagnosis. So, he told Joss against Oscar’s wishes. For his trouble, Josslyn Jacks kicks him to the curb and vows to stay by Oscar’s side through it all. Now, GH Cam may have to return to the friend zone.

Cameron Webber Buys Drugs? – GH Spoilers

This may sound nice and neat, but GH spoilers hint that it could get messy. A previously leaked audition script for General Hospital had spoilers believing that Oscar Nero may attempt suicide. Oscar has been struggling with the diagnosis of an inoperable malignant brain tumor for some time now. So, understandably the teen’s mind is swirling with ways to deal with the possibility of his fatal outcome.

However, now he has a renewed perspective, thanks to Joss. So, it is unlikely that he will try to take his own life at this time. Nevertheless, there is another GH teen that may consider drugs as an option. The scenario describes a teen, named John, attempting to purchase a large quanitity of drugs. However, the reason for the purchase and type of drug are unclear.

Although it previously made sense to believe that Oscar Nero was the buyer, maybe the script is referring to Cameron Webber. According to the dialog, “John” earns his money by working at camp and found the dealer through Joss’ friend, Trina. If Cam is the buyer, then this General Hospital storyline may have just gotten a whole lot juicier.

Dying Oscar Nero vs Cam the Junkie?

Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber were just starting to get close before he opened his big mouth about Oscar’s cancer. Now that Joss has put him on the back burner, Cam may be looking for something to dull the pain. He may consider drugs to be the answer.

If Cam does become an addict then Joss will be faced with a choice whether to support dying Oscar or Cam the Junkie? She has feelings for both. So, this could potentially place her in an impossible situation. This one might even be well over her head. But, in the end, it could also force Joss to admit how she truly feels about Cameron.

Oscar Needs Cam’s Help?

Another possibility for Cam’s drug purchase on General Hospital could be that he is buying for a friend. Poor Oscar Nero has had it rough this year. He is currently participating in a drug trial to increase his chances of living. No one knows the effect that this trial will have on Oscar.

Perhaps, the side effects are so severe that he needs Cam to get him street drugs to help him cope. Oscar Nero wouldn’t feel comfortable telling Joss about his pain, because he’s going through the trial for her. In addition, the group home that Oscar currently lives in may frown on this type of treatment. So, that only leaves Cam whom he can ask for help.

Although, the latter scenario seems less likely it would be a change in pace for Oscar’s character. Oscar always chooses the high road, so this might be something for Cam to hold over his head. He could even use it to break up Joss and Oscar who seems to be having everything going his way at the moment.

Stay tuned to GH airing weekdays on ABC to see more of Joss, Cam and Oscar’s love triangle.

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