‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael’s Heartbreak – Custody Crisis After Nelle’s Exit

General Hospital spoilers have GH fans wondering if Nelle Hayes’ (Chloe Lanier) baby is truly a Quartermaine/Corinthos heir? If so, then Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) may have his hands full very soon. The rumor of Nelle’s impending exit may also leave Michael with some unanswered questions – first and foremost about whether or not the child is his.

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General Hospital spoilers – Nelle leaving PC

According to Daytime Confidential, Daytime Emmy winner Chloe Lanier is leaving General Hospital. She is planning to pursue a career in primetime and film. This development probably means that Nelle will also be leaving one way or another. Fans speculated for weeks on ways (some painful) that Nelle might exit. We may hear rejoicing on Charles Street once she’s gone, but what about the baby’s fate?

Presuming that Nelle will deliver her child before her departure, who gets the kid? Michael seems the obvious choice since Nelle claims that he is the father. However, Nelle hasn’t exactly been a paradigm of truth since her 2015 arrival in Port Charles.

Who’s baby is it?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Michael may not be the only contender for her baby-daddy. Michael and Nelle’s relationship ended briefly before she announced her pregnancy. So, the timing of her announcement is suspect. If Michael is not the father, Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) may have stolen some baby juice from the lab so only he knows the bio-daddy…

General Hospital - Brad Cooper - Parry Shen

Since Brad is the lab manager at GH, it is plausible that he may have had a hand in the conception of Nelle’s baby. Perhaps, he gained access to Nelle’s paternity results and/or even provided her access to donor material. Brad’s history, as shown by Soaps In Depth, remind this wouldn’t be his first go-round with paternity plotting.

Remember what he and Britt Westbourne pulled? Might Brad have done this again? He might have donated sperm to make a baby with Nelle, hoping he might wind up with the kid later. Alternately, they might have stolen an embryo. And since Brad runs the GH lab, he could easily have rigged the paternity tests to say Mikey is the father of Nelle’s child.

Who gets the kid?

There are a couple of ways this could play out.

1 – Michael is the bio-dad and keeps the baby after Nelle goes to jail (or the morgue).

2 – Michael turns out not to be the bio-dad and loses it – just like he lost custody before (and more than once).

Michael has had several custody crises in his life. First was his own with Carly and AJ’s bitter battle affecting his entire life. Then there was him taking custody of baby Avery from Sonny, bonding with the little girl and then losing her. More recently, Michael was ready to raise Sabrina’s son after she died. Then he lost the boy to Carlos’ twin brother.

If Brad had a hand in making that baby Nelle is carrying, he might tell the real bio-dad! It could be Mikey versus the real daddy battle over the baby. Many GH fans want to see Michael get his shot at fatherhood, but he doesn’t seem destined for a happy ending. It will be interesting to see how it plays out with Nelle’s upcoming exit. Either way, his life is about to change.

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