‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Exits Soon – How Do You Want Her to Go?

General Hospital fans have been talking all over social media ever since actress Chole Lanier (Nelle Benson) has decided not to renew her contract with the ABC Soap Opera.

Miss Lanier won her first Emmy this year and according to sources, she plans to pursue other venues on her career path. This announcement has left the writers scrambling to put an end to Nelle Benson’s long-running storyline. Some GH fans have enjoyed Nelle’s schemes against Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). They say it’s karma.

Although General Hospital fans wish Miss Lanier luck many are breathing a sigh of relief Nelle will finally get her just desserts.  A recent GH spoiler revealed the walls are closing in on Nelle. The big question now is how will Nelle meet her end?   Should it be swift or long and full of torture like her victims suffered?

Nelle could die in a fiery explosion on General Hospital?

Should Nelle be killed off in some fiery explosion? Just like the character in the 1956 movie “The Bad Seed” a few General Hospital fans feel Nelle should meet her maker by going up in flames.

Fans think this would be an appropriate ending since her character has been compared to the devil himself.  Perhaps a house could fall on her. A former victim could kill her. There must be others.

Other GH viewers would prefer Nelle’s suffering to be long and painful to match her relentless torture of Carly.  She came to Port Charles to destroy Carly on the strength of a lie.

Send Nelle to Pentonville Prison on GH

Detective Chase Harrison (Josh Swickard) worked hard on the case. General Hospital spoilers show he will prove Nelle murdered her late fiancé.  Nelle could finally be charged and sent to prison. Proving Nelle’s guilt would not get Carly released from Ferncliff but according to General Hospital’s head writer Chris Van Etten “it does give her hope.”

Lock her away to Ferncliff for the criminally insane on General Hospital

Now, most fans want Nelle Benson locked away in Ferncliff because they want to see her in that dingy room. But, at that point, she will know Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) fooled her. Nelle would be all alone.  So, she would not have Michael, her baby or the freedom to destroy anyone else.  Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) and her sidekick Rupert (Patrick Cox) would have a field day with her.

Where do you stand? So, would killing off Nelle quickly satisfy fans? Or should she go away for life, sent to Pentonville or even Ferncliff to suffer and do penance for her wrongs?

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The poll has closed! Soap Dirt readers voted on the question “How do you think Nelle should exit GH?” and here’s how you voted:

  • 72% think she needs to be carted off to Ferncliff in a strait jacket
  • 17% think she needs to go straight to Pentonville to pay for her crimes
  • 11% think she needs an explosive and fiery fate!

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