‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Baby Not Michael’s-Brad Helped Nelle?

General Hospital May sweeps is coming to an end but the Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) storyline seems to still have legs. GH spoilers hint June will be the month that Nelle’s dirty rotten schemes start to unravel. Nelle has secrets that will rock Michael’s (Chad Duell) life, the many reveals cannot come soon enough for GH fans.

Nelle’s scheme moves to its next phase

Rumors are starting to circulate that General Hospital’s Nelle Benson has a dirty little secret.  Nelle’s story will begin to move into its next phase. Now that it appears Nelle has been victorious over Carly Corinthos as she may be headed to the psych ward to join Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) or even a twenty-five-year prison sentence at Pentonville with three meals included.  

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Brad and Nelle’s newfound friendship

What direction could Nelle be heading in and what plans could she have? Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) has been hanging around Nelle for some time now, he even came to her baby shower, and many GH fans don’t believe it’s because he and Nelle have become best buds. Brad has been known to look the other way and has been involved in shady practices in the past.  Could Nelle’s dirty little secret have something to do with the child she is carrying? Could scandalous Brad have had his hand in the mix from the beginning?

Several months ago, when Nelle informed Michael (Chad Duell) that she was carrying his child, General Hospital fans were skeptical that she was even pregnant, however, as she began to show, fans expressed their doubts that Michael was the father of the baby.

Scheming Nelle Artificially Inseminated with Brad’s help?

According to a General Hospital spoiler in Soap Opera Digest, A foil comes into the mix that may prevent Nelle from getting what she wants; Michael.  What if Nelle used the funds she secured last year, by squealing on Man Landers to a cheap tabloid, to pay for artificial insemination. Even though the Paternity test was sealed when it was delivered to Michael, we all know things aren’t always as they seem in Port Charles and Brad could still have his hand in this scheme.

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Brad and Lucas’s baby part of the Quartermaine family? 

On the other hand, what If Michael is indeed the baby’s father? Since Nelle is certainly not the nurturing type, she may have only wanted to trap Michael with the baby then had plans to give it away at birth to Brad – perhaps by faking its demise. Remember, at the baby shower Nelle made it a point to tell everyone that Brad and Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) baby was a part of the Quartermaine family?  Why would she say this? What purpose would it serve? And how could Brad and Lucas’ baby be a part of the Quartermaine family unless the father is a Quartermaine? Confused yet?

Was Nelle a surrogate?

Another possibility: Nelle was simply a surrogate from the very beginning and the real parents decide to show up unexpectedly in Port Charles to claim their child? This entire story is so convoluted with so many possible outcomes, but one thing General Hospital fans can count on is there will be plenty of baby mama drama in Port Charles this summer when Nelle gives birth to her bundle of joy.

Stay tuned to ABC’s General Hospital and watch as the story unfolds. Come back to Soap Dirt for more General Hospital spoilers and news.