‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Margaux Dangles Memory Drive for Drew’s Testimony – DA Plays Dirty

General Hospital spoilers hint Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) will leverage Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to get the info to nail Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). The groundwork was laid on the last episode and we’ll soon see Margaux make a shady move to get vengeance for her dead father. Margaux has the flash drive of his memories and can dangle it to get Drew to cooperate. Will he be tempted or turn her down flat?

General Hosptial Spoilers – DA Margaux Dawson is Desperate

GH spoilers reveal that Margaux Dawson is hanging onto Drew Cain’s memories for a reason. It’s been teased for a while that she and Drew have a shared past. He was adopted and grew up in New York state. He’s got a high school reunion letter lurking and is deciding whether or not to go. The latest rumors hint that Margaux went to school with him and they were sweethearts.

If so, then Margaux knows she’s on that memory stick and he’ll recall her if he gets his memories back. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central confirm that there are other dark secrets lurking there. Given Margaux’s supposed past with Drew Cain, why didn’t she give him the memory stick when she first found it? It’s because she wants access to Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) memories in Drew’s head and doesn’t want them erased until she gets what she wants.

General Hospital – Drew Cain Must Decide

On the October 2 GH episode, Margaux Dawson tried to play the dead dad sympathy card to get him to reveal Jason’s memories. That didn’t work. But once Margaux learns that Drew’s son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) has cancer, she might be able to leverage him. With Drew Cain and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) getting closer over their son’s illness, he might want his memories back. If he must lose Oscar, at least he can remember what led to the boy’s birth.

GH insights say that Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) delivers bad news to Margaux about the case against Sonny on Friday, October 5. Then on Monday, October 8, she decides it’s time to play the ace up her sleeve. That’s the flash drive. As the DA, since it’s evidence in a criminal case, Margaux should hand it over, but she hasn’t. She colors outside the lines when she must – we’ve seen it. When Margaux dangles the drive, Drew Cain must decide.

Drew Swaps Testimony for His Memories?

One of the things Margaux Dawson likes to throw around is how dissimilar Stone Cold and his twin Drew Cain are. But in many ways they’re alike. Although Jason went down a criminal path and Drew chose the military, both have a sense of duty, honor, and loyalty. It seems very unlikely that Drew would betray his twin, even though he doesn’t like the guy. Drew is not that kind of guy. Plus, once she reveals she has the flash drive, she really can’t withhold it.

General Hospital spoilers tease that no matter how carefully Margaux plays her trump card, she’ll likely fail. In the end, she should hand over the thumb drive with Drew’s memories even if he won’t testify. He won’t like her underhanded tactics but might change his mind about her once he gets his memories back and recalls their shared past. It sure seems like the Teflon Don, Sonny, will once again get away scot free. Better DAs than Margaux Dawson failed to take him down!

With these actions, Margaux Dawson becomes another in a long line of shady Port Charles district attorneys. Will her tactics work or will she make Drew Cain more determined than ever to be uncooperative? She’ll have her hands full soon once Ryan starts his killing spree, so there’s a lot to see on GH starting soon.

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