‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Leak: Jason Blackmails Margaux to Save Sonny – Drew Secret Foils DA Says Set Insider

General Hospital spoilers say Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will blackmail new DA Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) to save Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). This is from a reliable  set insider who leaks it all. It seems Margaux’s Achilles heel is a secret past with Jason’s twin Drew Cain (Billy Miller). Everyone knows that Jason Morgan will do anything to keep Sonny safe. It looks Margaux Dawson is in for a bumpy ride on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Margaux Dawson Wants to Make Sonny Corinthos Pay

GH spoilers show Margaux Dawson told Sonny Corinthos that she will do whatever it takes to get justice for her father. She is obviously out for blood. An insider on the set says that Margaux gets the goods on Sonny but Jason Morgan finds out a secret that she is keeping. It has to do with Drew Cain and the obvious past that they have together.

Drew doesn’t remember anything from his past, but Margaux remembers him. It actually looks like these two might have been high school sweethearts. There were hints dropped about his upcoming high school reunion and that she lived nearby in New York. Possibly she moved to the same small town once her dad went missing.

General Hospital – Jason Morgan Takes on Margaux

One factor that will make it harder on Margaux when Jason leverages her is his face. Remember, Jason looks just like Drew Cain did when she and Drew knew each other in the past. Margaux hasn’t yet told Drew about their past, but you can tell something is going to be coming out soon. After all, she’s got the flash drive of his memories – and she’s on that drive, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH recaps from Soap Central remind that Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) actually recognized her as well. Kim doesn’t seem to have figured out how she knows Margaux, but it ticked her brain. Seeing that she is part of Drew’s past as well this is probably the connection. Perhaps Kim saw a photo of her among Drew’s possessions back in the day.

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Drew Cain the Key to Stopping Margaux on GH?

General Hospital spoilers history reminds that no Port Charles DA has ever taken down Sonny Corinthos no matter how hard they try. Margaux isn’t going to give up easily though. Mike Corbin (Max Gail) could end up being the one that reveals all. Mike knows a lot about how the DA’s dad wound up in the pub basement. He’s the link.

With Mike’s health crisis, he could easily end up revealing all without even meaning to do it. Mike has already said more than he should about this dead body. Some rumors hint that Mike might even confess to try. This might keep is son, Sonny, safe. However, if Jason digs up juicy DA dirt, that might not be needed.

The General Hospital set insider that provided this leak always does a great job of spoiling the soap opera with inside info. They have gotten it right several times before and it looks like they may have done it once again. There are no official General Hospital spoilers on this just yet, but viewers will have to just watch and see how it ends up happening.

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