‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Pregnant With Julian’s Baby? Charlie Would Be Thrilled

General Hospital spoilers hint Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) might be pregnant by Julian Jerome (William deVry). Certainly, a new child could never replace the one she lost, but it may ease her grief a bit. No doubt, “Charlie” would be thrilled to be a daddy again. Certainly, he doesn’t have much of a relationship with any of his children. So, this would give him a chance to do it right.

Additionally, a new baby would stop Kim from making a terrible mistake. Recent spoilers suggested Kim may try and take her own life. However, there’s no way she would attempt suicide with a bun in the oven. So, a new child may be just the thing both Kim and Julian need on ABC’s GH. Recently, the soap dropped some hints this might be the next twist in Kim’s story.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero May Be Pregnant With “Charlie’s ” Baby

GH spoilers tease Kim Nero may already be carrying Charlie’s baby. Remember, she just hallucinated a conversation with Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). She imagined how different life would be if she told Drew Cain (Billy Miller) she was pregnant all those years ago. Also, she imagined expanding their family. She talked to Oscar about things, but it was really Drew she spoke to.

Of course, when she woke up feeling better, she pretended not to remember the talk with “Oscar”. However, when Drew left the room, she rubbed her tummy and mentioned a little brother or sister. Certainly, women who are thinking about babies don’t usually rub their tummies. But, women who are pregnant already often do. It’s a tell-tale sign that General Hospital spoilers may be hinting at pregnancy.

GH Spoilers: Another Chance At Fatherhood For Julian Jerome?

General Hospital spoilers know Julian Jerome doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to his kids. He never had the chance to raise his two oldest. Mostly, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) can’t stand him but they teamed up recently to help her half-brother. Also, until recently, Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) kept his distance from his father. He only just starting warming up to Julian Jerome, but he still keeps his guard up.

Additionally, he fought like crazy to get access to Leo Falconeri (Aaron Bradshaw). Still, he doesn’t see him as much as he would like. So, if Kim does have a baby on the way, this could be another shot for Julian to have a real relationship with a child of his. No doubt, he will overcome with joy if it plays out this way, say GH spoilers. So, if the hints are true and Kim is pregnant, this could be huge for the ex-mobster.

A New Baby May Save Kim’s Life – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers suggest another child may keep Kim from making a rash decision. Oscar’s death hit Kim so hard she was rumored to consider suicide. Surely, she felt any reason to go living died with Oscar. But, if she is getting a second chance at motherhood that would certainly be a great reason to go on living.

Certainly, Kim is a good person and an OB/GYN to boot. There is no way she would take her own life knowing she would be taking her unborn child along with it. So, if she is pregnant it will be a blessing in more ways than one, say General Hospital spoilers. Of course, these are just hints and subtext and no firm spoilers yet on a Kim-Julian baby.

A Fresh Start For Kim And Julian – GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers say a new family could be the best thing for both Julian Jerome and Kim Nero. Certainly, it would give them both a second chance at parenthood. Remember, Julian grew up with a very family-oriented and dedicated father. Surely, Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod) was crazy about his kids. No doubt, Julian always wanted that kind of family for himself but could never able to make it happen.

So, if this pregnancy is a reality it could give Julian the family he always longed for. Plus, it would give Kim something good to focus on and look forward to. Of course, Oscar Nero could never be replaced but it would help with Kim’s grief. We will have to wait and see. But, judging by Kim’s belly gesture, a new little bundle seems like a good possibility. Watch ABC daytime to see if Kim Nero and Julian Jerome are expecting on GH.

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