‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Who’s Finn’s Soulmate – Anna Or Hayden?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) should take Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) back or continue on with super-spy Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). No doubt, Finn still harbors feelings for Hayden. But the fact remains that she kept his child from him. Certainly, it will be nearly impossible for him to fully trust her again.

On the other hand, Finn and Anna have an amazing relationship. Except, for the fact that her career as a WSB agent puts a strain on their ability to see each other. Surely, it’s not easy being engaged to someone who leaves for months on end in a moment’s notice. So, who should Finn settle down with on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden Barnes Did A Number On Hamilton Finn

GH spoilers recall Hayden Barnes broke Hamilton Finn when she left without a trace the morning of their wedding. Besides that, the letter she wrote him saying she miscarried their child devastated him. Certainly, it took a long time for Finn to get over  Hayden and move forward. Now, she comes swooping back into town which is shocking enough, promises General Hospital spoilers.

Then, she had no choice but to drop the baby bomb when Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) got rushed to General Hospital because she was very sick. Now, Finn is reeling from the fact that he is a father and his daughter is right there within his reach. Of course, he is thrilled to get to know his little girl. However, he can’t understand how Hayden Barnes could do this to him.

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Surely, it all boils down to Hayden still being in love with Hamilton Finn and sad that he is with Anna Devane. Additionally, she had a hard time coming to terms with Violet having a stepmother. No doubt, she was hoping for another chance to have a family with Finn. Still, keeping Violet from Finn was harsh and he might not be able to get past it, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Finn Finds Love Again With Anna Devane

General Hospital spoilers know it took Anna Devane and Hamilton Finn a while to get out of their own way. Remember, it all began with Anna blackmailing Finn into helping her get Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) back to the States. However, they got closer and feelings began to develop. Of course, neither one of them could admit their feeling to each other or themselves for quite some time. However, they finally let down their guard and gave into their feelings.

Now, they are blissfully happy and engaged to be married. Although, the separation when Anna Devane is off on a mission is becoming harder for Finn to handle. Especially, with Hayden Barnes being back and the realization that his child is alive. Additionally, spoilers say Finn isn’t quite ready to give Anna the news. Certainly, if she doesn’t get back soon Finn might find himself getting closer to Hayden, tease General Hospital spoilers.

Who Is Best For Finn On General Hospital?

GH spoilers know both Anna Devane and Hayden Barnes love Hamilton Finn very much. Of course, both relationships had their ups and downs. Now, Finn and Hayden will be connected forever through Violet. Of course, Anna will support Hamilton Finn no matter what. Of all people, she knows what it’s like to suddenly find yourself with a long-lost child. No doubt, she will be gracious about it.

However, General Hospital spoilers see Hayden Barnes already made it clear she still wants to be with him. Also, she admits she doesn’t want to see him and Anna Devane together. So, she may not be quite as civil. In fact, she might even give Anna a run for her money and fight to get Finn back.

Keep up with GH on ABC to find out if Hamilton Finn will give it another shot with Hayden Barnes or stay with fiance Anna Devane.

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