‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Worries for Drew – Cryptic Message Sends Him Down Dangerous Path

General Hospital spoilers say Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) gets concerned for Drew Cain (Billy Miller) soon. As Drew gets a cryptic message that could be helpful or dangerous, Elizabeth grows concerned. With Drew Cain embroiled in investigating Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), the message might be about Dawn of Day or Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) shady past.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Cain Worries Elizabeth Webber

Drew Cain ends up getting a secret communication according to General Hospital spoilers. This could mean a new mystery launches. Recently, Drew has only been focused on his son Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) health as he fought the brain tumor he was diagnosed with. Now, as Oscar’s tumor has yet to grow, he has some time and energy to do other things.

One thing he’s already committed to on General Hospital is to help look into Shiloh Archer’s agenda. Spoilers hint this message may lead him into danger, so Elizabeth grows worried. Drew Cain just stepped up to marry Elizabeth to Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). So since he told Franco he sees them as brothers, that makes him even more important to Elizabeth Webber.

GH Spoilers: Drew Investigates Shiloh

Now that Oscar has good news about his health, Drew will help Sam figure out why Shiloh is in Port Charles. Shiloh has too many connections to the people of Port Charles on General Hospital. He and Sam are both connected to the Dawn of Day leader’s past, which is way too coincidental.

So, Sam believes that Shiloh is trying to get some form of revenge on her. After all, she tricked his father and stole all of his money in a con back in the day. With time on his hands, Drew can join the team looking into the cult leader.

He already put his promise into motion, as he headed over to see the man and ask him a few questions. Drew doesn’t remember anything of his past. Therefore, he doesn’t remember Shiloh at all — something that Shiloh seemed almost relieved to hear.

General Hospital: Shiloh Puts Drew in Danger

This new secret message that Drew Cain receives on GH could relate to any storyline. However, as the Shiloh mystery is front and center, the message could revolve around something from their mysterious shared past.

Shiloh definitely has something to hide on General Hospital. As Sam works to uncover just what his motives are, her ex may step in and help her out. The Shiloh situation could put his life at risk. Some  sources hint that the cult leader might have been involved with his kidnapping back in the day.

If he’s the one that handed Drew over for the mind wipe and memory implanting, he could post a very really threat to the amnesiac. Plus, with Franco behind bars, Drew doesn’t have someone watching his back. Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) would show up for him, but he’s embroiled in the serial killer case.

Elizabeth Webber worries about Drew Cain once he gets the mystery message. It could lead him someplace that he doesn’t need to go! Check GH weekdays on ABC to watch this unfold.

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