‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Casting Rumor Hints Prime Time Hunk to ‘GH’

General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint at a hot new casting tidbit, but let’s think twice before we believe this bit of gossip. Chatter hints that Joseph Morgan might be coming to the ABC soap. If you don’t know the name, you should – he’s a hottie, and the star of a recently-ended CW hit show.

Joseph Morgan, star of The Originals

Joseph Morgan is a talented British actor and the star of The CW’s The Originals. He plays Klaus Mikaelson, the charismatic and controlling brother that controls his family of immortal vampires. As the title indicates, Klaus and his clan are the “original” vampires who created all other vamps in the world and are true immortals. Even a stake to the heart wouldn’t make them dead. Is he headed to General Hospital?

The Originals was a highly successful spin-off The Vampire Diaries, also a CW hit show. One reason this “spumor” (spoiler + rumor) seems credible is because The Originals ends its five-season run so it seems like Joseph Morgan might be looking for a job. The thing is – he’s already got one. Morgan landed a Fox drama based on the book Gone Baby Gone.

Joseph Morgan’s possible tie to General Hospital

This juicy General Hospital rumor is probably nothing more than scuttlebutt. However, Joseph Morgan does have a tie to the ABC soap that could hint at the actor doing a special guest appearance or short arc. Morgan just wrapped shooting his CW show The Originals which is set in New Orleans but films just outside Atlanta, GA. A former GH actor was also filming for The CW in Atlanta – Bryan Craig!

Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) had a role on CW’s Valor which filmed in Atlanta. Since both actors were working for the same network and filming in the same city, it’s quite possible they might have met at a network event or at the studio filming interiors for their shows. It could be that Bryan Craig talked to Joseph Morgan about a guest spot on General Hospital. We all know GH needs a ratings boost.

General Hospital casting spoiler or rumor?

At a glance, Joseph Morgan isn’t likely to take an ongoing role on GH. He’s a hot property prime-time actor just coming off one hit show and launching another big network show. If General Hospital did nab the guy, it’s probably for a one-off guest arc. The one thing that gives this tidbit an inkling of possibility is that Joseph Morgan and Bryan Craig have that CW link.

Otherwise, it sounds like something random that came out of nowhere that is strictly a rumor and has no traction. Some GH fans in the forum suggested Morgan might be a recast of Dante since Dominic Zamprogna is confirmed gone. But no way would the CW actor take a full-time GH role. File this under “highly improbable” and don’t believe any insane headlines that trash soap sites might splash around…

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