‘General Hospital’ LEAK: Billy Miller Return Killed by Shutdown – Was ‘GH’ Bringing Back Drew Cain?

General Hospital spoilers leaked from an inside source at ABC teased a major male star was in talks to return – and it may be Billy Miller as Drew Cain. However, the production shutdown ended the talks, for now, says our source. Here’s the info on the character return and how the lockdown affected negotiations.

General Hospital Spoilers: Male Fan-Fave Set To Return – Nixed By Show Shutdown

A new leak from a reliable on-set source hints a GH return for Billy Miller may have been in the works. Recently, the source said the ABC soap was talking to a major male star about returning for a short-term arc. The leaker said the male character was a “fan favorite” that many would love to see back on General Hospital.

Of course, it would be great to see Billy back as Drew Cain to tie up some loose ends left hanging. However, when ABC shut down the soap, along with all other dramas, the talks halted – at least for now. With no idea when shooting can resume for General Hospital, the word is that it made no sense to continue the discussion.

And remember, our leak source says the contracts of all the GH actors are now on hold because the studio doesn’t know when they can resume shooting. So, the mystery man they were chatting with is also stuck on hold. Of course, the talks may resume once things are popping again at Prospect Studios and General Hospital‘s back to shooting.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Cain (Billy Miller)

GH Spoilers: Billy Miller May Be Mystery Star

General Hospital spoilers hint that Drew Cain could be the mysterious fan-favorite set to come back. No doubt, it would shake things up in Port Chuck. Lately, there’s been quite a bit of talk about Drew Cain’s plane crash on GH. Remember, some folks suspect Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is to blame for the wreck that supposedly took Drew’s life. And fans would love to see more of Billy Miller.

Of course, Peter just set up Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) to take the fall for him, recall General Hospital recaps. Perhaps, the powers that be want Drew’s return to give him a proper exit. No doubt, he’s alive, because why would GH kill off Drew Cain? And with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) split from Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) now, it’s a good time for Drew to pop up again on the soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Cain (Billy Miller)

Drew Cain May Be Peter’s Hostage on General Hospital – Soap Opera Spoilers

General Hospital fans would love Drew Cain on their screens again — even just for closure. Or, this little arc could set the stage for a recast or possible permanent return later. Perhaps, there will be a few scenes to show Drew Cain taken hostage. Then, Peter’s minion could crash an empty plane into the ocean. If so, Drew could be locked up in the same Russian clinic where Peter held Jason for five years.

That way, General Hospital viewers could see he’s alive, yet captive. Plus, things were left wide open for Drew Cain with no corpse found. So, a Billy Miller return at any time’s possible. For now, the leak source is staying mum on which fan-fave guy was in talks to return. But, it might be Billy Miller coming back as Drew Cain. We’ll keep you updated when there’s more info available.

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