‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Not Quite Done As Drew Cain?

General Hospital spoilers know Billy Miller deserves a bigger splashier ending to his role as Drew Cain than what he got. No doubt, fans were stunned and disappointed to see Drew’s last uneventful scenes. However, there may be hope yet. Remember, he was headed to Afghanistan but rerouted to search for Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery). So, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. Perhaps the ABC soap will surprise us with one last splashy scene as Billy Miller exits as Drew Cain from GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Deserves A Better Ending As Drew Cain

GH spoilers promise Billy Miller and his fans deserve a much better end to Drew Cain than elevator doors closing on him. Remember, he’s a three-time Emmy winning actor and a fan-favorite and should get a much more dramatic exit. A few years back, Billy came onto the canvas and took on the legendary role of Jason Morgan (now Steve Burton). Surely, he made the character his own and won the hearts of fans. Certainly, some people were unhappy when Steve Burton came back and Billy changed characters.

However, he reinvented himself as Drew and yet again won fans over. Surely, Billy Miller should go out with a bang not a door close. No doubt, he is a fantastic actor who really made himself into Jason and then again into Drew. Additionally, he did an amazing job with the tear-jerking story of Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). Certainly, it seems strange that he just has the last scene with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and that’s it. So, there may be a surprise in store to give Billy Miller a more epic ending on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Billy Miller Reportedly Refused a Storyline – Roger Howarth On Board

General Hospital spoilers from an inside source on the set leaked that the writers wanted Billy Miller to do the memory restoration storyline for Drew Cain and he refused. Also, chatter says he wasn’t happy with his character development and didn’t want that arc. So, he didn’t renew his contract – ending his run on the sudser. However, Roger Howarth was happy to take the memories and the storyline of Drew.

In addition, Howarth said in a new interview that he loves the new direction his character is taking. So, perhaps Billy was given a lame ending because he rejected the material the showrunners wanted. Or, there might be a big surprise ending in store for fans with a more dramatic farewell for Drew. Let’s hope so because if not, Billy Miller fans are both sure to feel cheated by Drew’s lackluster final scenes on General Hospital.

Danger In Store For Drew Cain – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers wonder how viewers will see the end of Drew Cain if the writers decide to give him a proper sendoff. Recently, Peter August (Wes Ramsey) put in a call to an old associate from his days as Henrik Faison. Remember, he instructed them to make sure Drew does not find Andre Maddox. Now, he certainly didn’t order a hit on Drew. But he also wasn’t very clear on how Drew should be derailed. So, the goons may take it upon themselves to stop Drew Cain at all costs.

Certainly, he may end up captive by Peter’s guys. Or a plane crash traps Drew in burning wreckage… Because soon, his loved ones get the news that Drews MIA, presumed dead. Of course, the exit will likely be set up to stage a recast at a later date. Watch ABC weekdays to see if a surprise is to come with a more appropriate ending for Drew Cain as Billy Miller takes his bow from GH.

As it stands, it feels like the showrunners cheated fans with that lame-o exit. So, fingers crossed we see something much more dramatic and some fresh scenes to give a properly dramatic exit to this amazing actor to honor his Drew Cain run on the soap.

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