What Happened to Drew Cain on ‘General Hospital’?

Everyone wants to know what happened to Drew Cain on General Hospital as Billy Miller’s exit finally crops up. The ABC soap said his last day was August 21 but he left with no fanfare. So, is that the last we saw of Drew Cain and Billy Miller? Right now, what we’re told is that Drew’s plane crashed and there were no bodies found among the wreckage. So, everyone thinks that Drew is dead and gone. But that doesn’t seem likely on the ABC soap.

Is Drew Cain Really Dead on General Hospital?

GH spoilers show Peter August (Wes Ramsey) ordered Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) killed, but his assassin failed. But Peter didn’t seem to want Drew dead. Because there’s no information in Drew’s head and the memory procedure’s been done. So, that means Drew’s the same old blank slate that doesn’t know about Peter’s involvement.

So, Peter’s assassin waited until Andre got to the US before attacking. The plane crash seems to be unrelated. But, who wants Drew dead? Did Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) order someone to take down Drew’s plane? That doesn’t seem likely because he wants his money, remind General Hospital spoilers. It could be a DVX plot…

Is Billy Miller Done at GH as Drew Cain?

General Hospital spoilers also ask is Billy Miller’s last scenes were those in the hallways at the hospital. That seems like a terribly dull end for the Emmy-winning actor, right? So, there might be some more scenes showing Drew in the wreckage swimming to a deserted island (that would be a nice Luke-Laura type throwback).

Or, GH spoilers might show Billy Miller (or a stand-in) stuck in the Patient 6 clinic behind a mask the same way Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) debuted a while back. That would be an interesting way to round out the Quartermaine twins coming and goings. But, fans are no doubt hoping that General Hospital will give Billy Miller – and Drew Cain – a proper send off.

Did General Hospital Kill Off Drew Cain?

GH rarely kills off valuable characters. So, it seems slim that Drew Cain’s off the character canvas. The ABC soap will want to leave every option open including a recast or the return of Billy Miller if he ever decided to come back. That seems a long shot. But people also thought Steve Burton would never come back – and he’s there now.

The big question is whether General Hospital will give Drew a big funeral. When they wrote out Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), they did it without ceremony – kind of like they’re doing with Billy Miller. Remember, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) came in dressed in black and mentioned she’d been at her nephew’s funeral. That was it…

For now, the residents of Port Charles assume Drew Cain’s dead and gone. Fans may get a glimpse in one last scene. Perhaps we see him surviving but battered and abandoned or held captive. But don’t expect to see Drew walk back into the halls of GH anytime soon.

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