‘General Hospital’: 5 Plot Predictions for Franco When New ‘GH’ Episodes Return

General Hospital spoilers for upcoming episodes expect Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) in new scenes once GH is back to work later this month (hopefully). Now, check out five major predictions that may rock Franco’s world on ABC daytime.

#1 Franco Baldwin & Elizabeth Webber Welcome a Baby on General Hospital

When GH is all-new again, there is a chance Franco Baldwin and his wife Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) may have a baby. Of course, family means the world to Franco and Liz. And, Franco embraced stepdad life on General Hospital. So, he may be ready for a bio-kid of his own.

Thus, a “Friz” baby may be next for the couple on GH. Surely, they could use some good news in their lives for a change. No doubt, Franco would melt hearts as a new dad, and be hilarious as well. So, that’s something that would be wonderful for Franco Baldwin and spouse Elizabeth in new General Hospital episodes.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) - Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)

#2 He Gets Too Close Ava on GH

On General Hospital,  Franco Baldwin may find himself in trouble because of Ava Jerome (Maura West). Remember, Ava, and her husband, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), are at each other’s throats. And, they’re both pushing each other toward adultery to end the marriage and grab the fortune on GH. Clearly, Nikolas has his eye on Liz and pushes his wife toward her ex.

Also, Ava longs for acceptance — which she gets from Franco Baldwin on General Hospital. Plus, they have history. So, Ava may make a move on Franco. Of course, he wouldn’t cheat on Elizabeth. But, he might end up in a sticky situation with Ava. And, Liz may get the wrong idea. And that may cause serious trouble for their marriage on GH.

#3 Fights Nikolas for Liz on General Hospital

Soon, Franco Baldwin may be at war with Nikolas. Of course, he is already suspicious of him because of his steamy past with Elizabeth. Also, he doesn’t like him because he let his family believe he was dead for three years. And, forced Liz’s sister Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) to leave town on General Hospital.

Plus, Nik is desperate to win Liz’s friendship back. But, he may want more on GH. Of course, Franco Baldwin isn’t about to let that happen. So, he will fight Nik with everything he has so he won’t lose Elizabeth. However, Nikolas is ruthless. So, he may make life very difficult for Franco Baldwin when new General Hospital scenes return.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Jerome (Maura West) - Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)

#4 Takes Off to Find Drew – GH Twist

Another General Hospital shocker for Franco Baldwin might be if he leaves town to find Drew Cain (Billy Miller). Remember, they are like brothers, and Franco was crushed to hear he was presumed dead. Also, he feels guilty over what he did with Drew’s memories in his mind. So, Franco might feel he needs to bring him home.

Of course, there is still a good chance that Drew is alive. And, many fans want Billy Miller to return to General Hospital. Remember, Franco Baldwin and Drew had a great relationship before the memory transfer fiasco. So, Franco might take off to find him and hopefully bring him back on GH.

General Hospital: Drew Cain (Billy Miller) - Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)

#5 Proves Peter is Guilty – Brings Obrecht Home on General Hospital

Soon to come on GH, Franco Baldwin may get to expose Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Remember, Peter framed his BFF Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) for the attempt on his life. All along, it was Peter that almost killed him and Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) on General Hospital.

Now, Franco Baldwin had a hard time believing Liesl hired someone to kill him. So, he may work to try and prove her innocence. Plus, we know Kathleen Gati is not gone for good, and Obrecht will return one day. So, Franco may be the one to exonerate her and bring her home. Make sure not to miss new GH scenes to see what comes next for Franco Baldwin on the ABC sudser.

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