‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’: Big Sister Darian is a Perfect Role Model

Doubling Down with the Derricos premieres in just a few days and we will soon meet the entire family including their oldest daughter Darian Derrico. Deon Derrico and his wife Karen are the parents of 14 children.

At the time their TLC series filmed, they were expecting the arrival of their fourth set of multiples. It’s no easy task running a household as large as theirs. Thankfully their firstborn Darian is able to step up and lend a helping hand. Here’s a little more about big sis Darian’s role in the family.

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Darian Derrico Likes Being The Oldest

Doubling Down with the Derricos star Darian Derrico admits there are perks to being the oldest.  She also says there are definitely drawbacks. Darian is five years older than her next sibling Derrick. Both she and Derrick are “singletons”. At times Darian wishes she had a twin just like her 12 youngest siblings. As far the perks, well Darian says she gets to do everything first. She will drive first, move out first and start her own family first.

Doubling Down with the Derricos big sister Darian enjoyed being an only child those first five years. She had her parents’ undivided attention. Now she finds her self a role model to her younger siblings. Plus, since she’s now 14 years old, she is like a second mom and her mother’s go-to for help. Darian still wouldn’t trade her position in the family for anything.

Karen & Deon Derrico’s Oldest Is Shy

Doubling Down with the Derricos cast member Darian Derrico claims to be shy. Her parents, Deon and Karen Derrico certainly do not see her as such. Darian’s dad describes his daughter as “the trailblazer, the leader, the second mother, our right hand, our great blessing, this beautiful soul is so caring, understanding, sharing, loving, kind-hearted”. She certainly is the apple of both her parents’ eyes.

Darian already has a very mature approach to her friend circle. She prefers to keep a small tight circle of friends. Certainly, she’s got a large immediate family to lean on at home.

Doubling Down with the Derricos’ Darian is very interested in the arts. She likes to write songs, sing, act, read, play volleyball and of course dance. All the family loves to dance. Their parents met at nightclub dancing. So dance parties are a regular occurrence at their house.

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Karen Derrico - Deon Derrico

Doubling Down with the Derricos: No Big Family For Darian

Darian already knows she doesn’t want a large family like hers on Doubling Down with the Derricos. Many might find that odd. It’s common to think that being in a large family would make you want the same. Darian is wise beyond her years.

She knows she lacks the patience to deal with all her siblings now. So she also knows that a large lively household is something she doesn’t see in her future. Of course, it must be in the back of her mind that multiples run in her family. So she’s likely to also have multiples when she’s old enough to start her own little family.

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