‘Double Shot At Love’ Spoilers: Pauly DelVecchio & Vinny Guadagnino Get Second Chance at Love

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal that Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio and his bromance partner Vinny Guadagnino are back. The two are once again on the hunt to find love. However, they are not searching in new places. Instead, they will be reuniting with their exes to see if sparks will fly once again. Will the boys say goodbye to the single life with one of their exes — or will their search continue?

Double Shot At Love Spoilers: Paul DelVecchio & Vinny Guadagnino Search for Love

Paul DelVecchio and his Jersey Shore roommate Vinny Guadagnino thought they would find romance and love on their dating show. On the first season of Double Shot At Love, DJ Pauly was torn between two ladies, Derynn Paige and Nikki Hall. Pauly felt like he had a strong connection with both of them. But, he decided not to pursue a relationship with either of the ladies. Ultimately, he left the show solo.

On the other hand, Vinny Guadagnino didn’t leave alone. He seemingly found love. For Vinny, it all came down to Elle Wilson and Alysse Joyner. Vinny felt like he could see himself having a future with Alysse. Although, it didn’t work out. Now, he is back with Pauly DelVecchio for another season of MTV’s Double Shot At Love.

Double Shot At Love: Pauly DelVecchio - Vinny Guadagnino - Lauren Sorrentino - Mike Sorrentino

Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio Return to Find Love Again

Vinny Guadagnino and his partner in crime Pauly DelVecchio are once again on the search to find their true love. However, this time they are not looking for new love. Instead, the Jersey Shore boys will give their exes another chance at love. In the new season, Pauly and Vinny will reunite with some of the ladies from season one.

Double Shot At Love previews explain that Vinny Guadagnino and his prank war partner Pauly DelVecchio will be living with their exes. All for a second chance at love. The show will include, Suzi Baidya, Nikki Hall, Marissa Lucchese, Maria Elizondo, Derynn Paige and Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz. However, this time there won’t be any competitions. But, there will surely be a lot of drama.

Double Shot At Love Fans React to New Season Announcement

Many fans of the previous season were glad to find out that Pauly DelVecchio will be looking for love again with Vinny Guadagnino. One fan said, “yes, I’m very excited” about the show returning. While another fan said, “here we go again. This shall be very exciting.” These fans can’t wait to see if the Jersey Shore duo will find some love with their exes.

However, not every Double Shot At Love viewer was happy to find out that the show will be returning. One viewer said, “ugh, not another season of Pauly and Nikki.” Nikki Hall wasn’t liked among viewers — or the ladies in the house. While another viewer said that having another season “is so dumb.” But, the viewer was a fan of the ladies chosen to return.

Find out if Vinny and Pauly find love again with their exes on season two of Double Shot At Love starting June 11.

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