‘Double Shot At Love’: Pauly DelVecchio Can’t Find Love – Too Busy With Nikki Drama

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal Paul DelVecchio is not able to find love. Since he is too busy calming down the drama with Nikki Hall. The issues with Nikki prevented him from getting to know other girls. The Los Angeles native can be a little too much to handle at times. However, after DJ Pauly D calls Nikki “extra” then she starts to back off. With Nikki out of the picture, will Pauly be able to find the one on the MTV show?

Double Shot At Love: Pauly DelVecchio Finds Drama Confusing

Paul DelVecchio is not a fan of drama. However, when you put 20 ladies in a house for any reason there is bound to be plenty. He is definitely having his fair share with a certain lady. Nikki Hall and Pauly hit it off when they first met. However, Nikki started to act as if he was already her boyfriend. Which didn’t sit well with the Jersey Shore DJ.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate Paul DelVecchio finds his situation with Nikki confusing. He explains that he and Nikki would text heavily. However, she hasn’t texted him all day. He admits that he “doesn’t know what’s up with that”. He adds “it’s confusing”. Pauly feels like he is “too busy calming the drama to get to know anyone else”. Dealing with the upheaval stops him from finding love in the house.

Nikki Hall Gets Called Extra

Nikki Hall showed her interest in Paul DelVecchio from the very beginning. However, she may have come on a little too strong. She asked Pauly on day two when he will marry someone. She cried numerous times for different reasons. Nikki even confronted Pauly while wearing a face mask.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explains that Nikki is upset after Pauly D calls her “extra”. She tells Michelle “Mish” Gao that she feels like a fool. She asks Mish “how would you feel if the guy you like told you that you were being too extra?”. Nikki adds that she has never been called that before. So, hearing it from Pauly was shocking for her.

Vinny Guadagnino Asks Pauly D About Nikki Drama

Vinny Guadagnino wants what is best for his best friend. Pauly and Vinny are in this dating experience together. Vinny realizes that if you spend too much time with one lady you wont be able to get to know the others. He admits that he does have feelings for Alysse Joyner and Maria Elizondo. However, he wants to get to know the other girls as well. Vinny wants the same for Pauly. Because, he doesn’t want the Jersey Shore star spending all his time dealing with Nikki and her problems.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Vinny Guadagnino asking Paul DelVecchio about his drama with Nikki. Later, Pauly lets him know that she doesn’t text him anymore. Then, Vinny says “that’s good”. He adds “if she’s not jumping down your throat every minute you can talk to other people”. Vinny wants his prank war partner to be able to talk to the other ladies without it starting any fights.

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