‘Double Shot At Love’: Vinny Guadagnino Doubted He’d Find Love – Ladies Pick Favorites

Double Shot At Love this week reveals Vinny Guadagnino doubted he would find love on the MTV show. However, when he starts to experience unexpected feelings towards certain ladies, it changes everything. On the other hand, some of the love hopefuls start to pick their favorites between him and Paul Paul DelVecchio. It becomes clear who is Team DJ Pauly D and who is Team Vinny. Will feelings become mutual between the bachelors and their hopefuls?

Double Shot At Love: Vinny Guadagnino Experiences Unexpected Feelings

Vinny Guadagnino went into this dating experiment hoping to find his one and only. He had no expectations. Just an open mind. However, when he started to vibe with certain ladies, he was shocked. He didn’t think he would have feelings towards someone this fast. Experiencing unexpected feelings makes Vinny realize just how serious this dating process is.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate that Vinny Guadagnino didn’t think he was going to like any of the ladies. The Jersey Shore reality star asks Nikki Hall if she “was actually going to like someone” when she came on the show. Nikki replied honestly and said “I didn’t”. Later, he admits he didn’t think he was going to either. He doubted that he would like any of the ladies. He was definitely wrong.

Jersey Shore Star Has Potential Love Interests

Early in the season, Vinny Guadagnino had an interest in Alysse Joyner. Their time spent together ended with a kiss. However, he also spent some one-on-one time with Maria Elizondo. The two also hit it off right away. These feelings that he is developing for these women make Vinny realize that maybe he could find “the one”. Even when he thought he wasn’t going to.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explain that Vinny Guadagnino could be falling for someone in the house. Nikki asks him if he likes somebody. So, Vinny replies with “maybe”. He adds “I can’t tell you”. Nikki lets him know that there are girls in the house that actually like him. However, Nikki said the girls are “super guarded and super shy”. So, will these potential love interests confess their feelings?

Double Shot At Love Hopefuls Pick Favorites

Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio are both looking for love within the same group of ladies. The situation can get messy. Especially if the duo start to like the same girl. However, these ladies have no problem letting everyone know who they have their eyes set on. The question is, will the feelings be mutual? Double Shot At Love spoilers show that Nikki doesn’t have an interest in Vinny.

Then, she tells Vinny that she loves him. However, if Pauly D wasn’t on the show and Nikki had to talk to Vinny she would. This statement confuses him. He asks her “was that an insult?” He learns quick that Nikki “is into Pauly”. But, Vinny is fine with that. The Keto Guido wants to find someone who actually likes him. Guess Nikki is Team Pauly. Don’t miss new episodes on Thursday on MTV to watch Vinny Guadagnino fall in love.

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