‘Double Shot At Love’: Pauly DelVecchio Reveals Life Changing Moment – Vinny Guadagnino Explains Biggest Misconception

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveals Paul DelVecchio’s life changing moment. While Vinny Guadagnino comes clean about his momma’s boy image. Vinny and DJ Pauly D will also find out what each of the ladies think about each other. As they are asked to vote for which lady fits each superlative the best. The results of the votes will help Pauly and Vinny pick one lady for a double date. Who will the lucky lady be?

Double Shot At Love – Paul DelVecchio Opens Up About Having A Kid

Five years ago, Paul DelVecchio’s life changed when his daughter Amabella Sophia Markert was born. He became more than just that guy with a blowout and a tan. DJ Pauly became a father. However, now he is a father who has a blowout and a tan. Having a child changed Pauly’s life for the better.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explain what Pauly DelVecchio thinks about having kids. He explains that it’s “the most amazing experience” of his life. Pauly says it’s the first time he’s ever loved a person more than himself. Paul DelVecchio makes it clear that his daughter is his everything.

Vinny Guadagnino Explains Momma’s Boy Image

Vinny Guadagnino comes from a big Italian family. He is very close to his family. Especially his mom. Vinny even admits that he would like to find a significant other who is like his mom. However, Vinny comes clean about one of his biggest misconception about his momma’s boy perception.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Vinny Guadagnino explaining one of his biggest misconception is about being a momma’s boy. Vinny admits that he is a momma’s boy. He says he loves his mother because she taught him everything he knows. However, Vinny reveals that he never actually lived with his mom. He clarifies that his mother lived in HIS house. Vinny explains that he bought a house and made the decision to live in the basement. He let his mother live in the rest of the house.

Jersey Shore Bros Learn More About Ladies

Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino are dating the same group of ladies. Figuring out what the ladies are really like can be hard. These ladies may act differently when they’re with each other than when they are with Pauly D or Vinny. Therefore, the best way to find out what these ladies are really like is to figure out what they think about each other.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicates that the ladies are about to reveal what they think about each other. Vinny explains that the ladies have to vote for which of them matches the superlative the best. He admits that he doesn’t know how these ladies interact when him and Paul DelVecchio are not around. Vinny says that it is something they want to know. Especially, since Vinny and DJ Pauly D could eventually be in a relationship with that person.

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