‘Double Shot At Love’ Spoilers: Pauly D Gets Called Out For Cheating On Ex-Girlfriend – Is The Rumor True?

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal that Paul DelVecchio gets called out for cheating on ex-girlfriend Aubrey O’Day. Before being on the show, DJ Pauly D was in an on and off relationship with Aubrey. The Jersey Shore star may have a player reputation, but he states that he would never cheat on anyone. However, Holly Gurbisz heard from a friend that the DJ did cheat on his ex-girlfriend. To find out the truth, Holly confronts Pauly about the cheating rumor.

Double Shot At Love – Paul DelVecchio Is A One Women Man

Paul DelVecchio wants to find out more about the ladies’ past relationships. Marissa Lucchese explains that she has been in a few relationships. However, they didn’t last because they were immature or they cheated. Pauly D states that he doesn’t “do the whole cheating thing.” He adds “it’s a waste of time.” The Jersey Shore alum makes it clear that he is not a cheater. However, Holly Gurbisz thinks otherwise.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate that Holly Gurbisz heard from a friend that Paul DelVecchio cheated on the former Danity Kane singer. Her friend was a bouncer at a club that the alleged cheating took place. She insisted that her friend saw it with their own eyes. Holly starts to question if she should bring it up to DJ Pauly D or just let it go.

DJ Pauly D Confronted About Rumor

Despite the numerous hookups seen on TV, Paul DelVecchio claims he is not a cheater. However, Paul DelVecchio is definitely a admits to being a prank star, but not a cheater. He admits that when someone cheats “it’s over.” He finds it hard to trust that person. Marissa agrees with him. However, Holly Gurbisz decides it’s the right time to confront Pauly about the cheating rumor. Believing a rumor is not the way to his heart.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show Holly Gurbisz telling DJ Pauly D that her friend saw him cheat on Aubrey one night. Paul DelVecchio denies the rumor. He says “this is why I’m single.” He adds “being in the limelight people say crazy things.” The American-Italian DJ explains that his relationship with Aubrey was on and off. While they were not in a relationship they did their own thing.

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Cabs Are Here For Holly Gurbisz?

Paul DelVecchio is concerned about Holly. He questions if “every time you hear something you are going to confront me?” Pauly D explains that he has never cheated on any girlfriend. He would never do that to someone. He doesn’t believe in it. Confronting the Jersey Shore DJ was not a good idea. Holly Gurbisz should’ve known this would not go down well with the man she is trying to impress.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explain that Holly wanted to address the rumor because she would regret it if she didn’t. She just wanted to be honest with Pauly D. However, her being honest may have ruined her shot at love. Holly knows that she may have messed it up for herself. Will Paul DelVecchio tell Holly Gurbisz that her cab is here?

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