‘Double Shot at Love’: Angelina Pivarnick Puts the Ladies’ Love to the Test – Questions Who’s for Real Love

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal that Angelina Pivarnick puts the ladies’ love to the test. She joins Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio on their journey to find love. Angelina is there to figure out who’s there to find real love or who is there for all the wrong reasons. To find out which of the ladies can strive under pressure, Angelina puts them in a challenge that involves working in pairs. Which one of the ladies will have what it takes to be a part of the Jersey Shore family?

Double Shot At Love – Angelina Pivarnick Helps Vinny and Pauly Avoid Heartbreak

Angelina Pivarnick has a complicated past with Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino. During her time on Jersey Shore, Angelina slapped Pauly in the face and slept with Vinny. With the past in the past, the trio are still family. Angelina only wants what is best for Pauly and Vinny. Therefore, Angelina joins the boys and helps Pauly and Vinny avoid getting their hearts broken.

Double Shot At Love spoilers show that Angelina Pivarnick is spending the day with the ladies. She states that she wants “to see who is in it for real love.” Angelina adds that she wants to be “sure that you guys are really in it for them.” Angelina wants to see which of the ladies have what it takes to be with her Jersey Shore room mates.

Jersey Shore Star Puts The Ladies To The Test

Angelina Pivarnick is not just hanging out with the ladies for the day. She is putting them to the test in a challenge. Angelina explains to the ladies that “when you have a partner you have to be good under pressure.” That is the reason why Angelina is there. The test will show who can work well under pressure.

Double Shot At Love spoilers explain that the ladies will be harnessed to a partner. Each pair must find pieces of a mannequin around the house. Once they find a piece they must attach it to their mannequin. Which ever pair puts together the mannequin the fastest wins a date of their choice. With either Pauly DelVecchio or Vinny Guadagnino

More Than Just A Challenge

Although Angelina Pivarnick wants to see how well these ladies work under pressure, there is more to this challenge. The ladies will get the chance to show how hard they will work to get a date with the boys. Pauly D and Vinny will also get the chance to see how important a date with them is to these ladies. However, this task is also more than just a challenge. It is a metaphor.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate that this challenge is a metaphor. Pauly explains that “in a relationship you must work together with your partner to get to your common goal.” Pauly adds that in this challenge the common goal is to put the mannequin together. Therefore, the Jersey Shore bros want to see how well these ladies work together to achieve a common goal.

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