Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescues Tiger Woods’ Ex – Blames Pro Golfer For Sick Lifestyle?

Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, rescued Tiger Woods‘ ex from a horrific situation. At 88-pounds, Jamie Jungers was at death’s door. In addition, Tiger’s ex-girlfriend allegedly suffers from drug addiction.

Dog found Jamie being held at a house in Vegas. To get the drugs she wanted it was reported they “passed her around from guy to guy”. Jamie blames the men’s infatuation with her on Tiger Woods.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Capture’s Tiger Woods’ Ex – Jamie Jungers

Dog the Bounty Hunter rescued Jamie Jungers in a Las Vegas midnight raid this week. While she was a fugitive, her capture became a rescue after Dog described the shape she’s in. The 35-year-old exchanged herself for drugs with some prominent businessmen. Dog reported that “these guys were holding her in a house where she was giving sexual favors for drugs.”

Jamie Jungers Blames Tiger Woods

Handcuffs were too big for Jamie Jungers. She’s so skinny that the cuffs just slipped off, which is what Dog said in an interview. He also described Jamie as being near death’s door. While he brought her in as a fugitive, she didn’t have long to live. “She was going to die in the next few weeks,” said the famous TV bounty hunter.

Jamie said it was heroin and speed these businessmen supplied her as they passed her around. It seems she blamed Tiger Woods for this, according to Dog the Bounty Hunter. It appears these men wanted to be with the woman Tiger Woods bedded down, according to Jamie.

Passed Around Several Houses for With High-Profile Businessmen

Dog the Bounty Hunter said that Jamie told him she went to four or five houses where she got drugs for being with these men. Jamie Jungers also claimed that one of the men works for one of the biggest insurance companies in the nation as a top investigator. Another businessman was in the construction business, according to what she said in Dog’s report on AOL. News.

Jamie Junger made headlines around the world a few years ago when she revealed an 18-month affair with Tiger Woods. While she received $125,000 payment, it appears there’s nothing left.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Saves Jamie Jungers Life

Dog the Bounty Hunter captures fugitives that are on the run. Back in 2014, he reportedly had 6,000 fugitive captures under his belt. While that’s a lot of fugitives, that number grew by thousands since that last report. With that said, Dog’s long list of fugitive captures now includes Jamie Jungers.

Jamie’s deemed a fugitive for skipping bail. In addition, the former mistress of Tiger Woods is currently held on charges stemming from drug possession and being a fugitive in a county jail.

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